Camilla’s Beastly Bulletin #1: Scarecrows, Ax Murder and Aliens, Oh My!


Fangoria readers love horror movies for many reasons, and perhaps there is comfort in knowing that these heinous stories are for the most part, works of fiction. But what about the real horror stories that are happening every day across the globe? Many horror auteurs and writers find these a source of inspiration for their work, some being so bizarre that most minds could not conjure from their own imaginations and instead are beholden to the term “Based on a True Story.”

Therefore, the Beastly Bulletin sets about capturing the most gruesome and insanely strange horror news stories from current day to our vintage vault. From the odd to the extreme, Beastly Bulletin will be your tour guide to true terrestrial terror. And as always, this column is decidedly NSFW, so for those with a weak constitution, check out FANGORIA’s coverage of frightful fiction instead…

January 2015: 19-year-Old College Girl Fulfills Childhood Desire to Kill

It has been a busy time for Japanese schoolgirl murderers over the last six months. Last year, there was a gruesome attack by a 16-year-old schoolgirl on her fellow classmate, who finished the job by decapitation and attempted dissection on the corpse. This January, however, we were shocked to have heard the latest news story of a 19-year-old Japanese college student killing an elderly woman with an ax.

It is reported that the student struck the elderly victim repeatedly with an ax, but because the victim was not completely dead, the murderess resorted to strangling her with a scarf. According to police reports, the girl chillingly told investigators, “I have just wanted to kill someone since childhood. It could have been anybody.” It is believed that the elderly victim knew the assailant as she had reportedly asked her to become involved in a religious group. Police are unsure if the attacks were provoked by the religious invitation, or if it was indeed just a senseless killing.

February 2015: Evidence of Aliens Found in Attic?

New evidence has resurfaced in the 1947 Roswell conspiracy in the form of pictures of alleged aliens that have surfaced in an Arizona attic. According to various sources, the slides feature pictures of an extraterrestrial creature that landed near Roswell and was hastily hidden by the US government.

These pictures were discovered 25 years ago in an attic that belonged to a geologist who worked near Roswell in the 1940’s and have been since kept secret. How and why the pictures have been kept secret is unknown, but alien enthusiasts are eager to find out if these slides are proof that will once and for all settle the debate of whether the human race is in fact alone in the universe. The slides are set to be revealed on May 5 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and streamed live on the web; until then, keep watching the skies…

March 2015: Japanese Village Overrun By Nightmarish Scarecrows

Simply by the numbers, the Japanese village of Nagoro is rather tiny, housing only 35 citizens; however, if you count scarecrows in your census, you’ll be looking in the triple digits. Thanks to compulsive scarecrow maker Tsukimi Ayano, the number of scarecrows in Nagoro over the last 13 years has gone from 1 to over 350, occupying houses, fields, trees, streets, a bus stop and even an abandoned school, where they sit at desks and stare at their scarecrow teacher.

While the scarecrows are rather harmless, they do have some nightmarish qualities to them: they’re often dressed in hand-me-downs, and the new ones Ayano makes are usually in the likeness of young people who have left Nagoro or residents who have died. Since news has broke of Ayano’s work, Nagoro has become a tourist attraction, drawn by the two lifeless delegates guarding the road leading to the village, next to a board identifying Nagoro as “Scarecrow Village.” So for those with Formidophobia, stay far, far away.

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