Canadian Microbudget Slasher “GORE, QUEBEC” Hits DVD

Here’s a quirky bit of fun, tapped from the tree-riddled wilds of rural French Canada. GORE, QUEBEC is a no-budget, bloody and fast-paced slasher movie shot in an actual place called Gore, a town just outside of Montreal, Quebec. We approve of this location. 

The movie is as impoverished as they come, with a plot recycling just about every kids-in-the-woods horror trope known to man. And yet, that cheap charm is tempered by top notch craft and real, indie energy. The film’s brash bravado was potent enough for E1 to take notice; GORE, QUEBEC sees release on DVD and other digital platforms on October 14th.

“This was the first feature for most of us, so we made Gore with whatever money and help we could scrounge up,” says writer/producer Rick Mele.

“And it was a real DIY project, with cast pitching in to lug gear into the woods or operate the boom. But that ensured that every penny we had can be seen onscreen and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share our vision of terror in Canadian cottage country with horror fans. With a budget this low, our money primarily went to two areas: equipment and blood.”

It’s always exciting to see young filmmakers make a splash with pocket change. Why not give GORE, QUEBEC a whirl?

Check out the trailer below and to learn more about the film, head here.

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