Caption Contest Results: 08/10- 08/14


FANGORIA fanatics! If you’re one of the thousands who follow us on Twitter, you’re likely familiar with our daily Caption Contests! Now, due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we’re highlighting the best entries of the week for the world to see! So without further ado…

Monday, August 10th


Winner: @RayAnneNG – “Did you try turning it off and turning it on again? This reads like a VCR manual.”

2nd Place: @SunnyDaleHS – “Hush little baby, don’t you cry; Satan’s gonna buy you a frozen pie…”

3rd Place: @MutantJem – “By the power of Aquarius, I command thee, Regan, ‘Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in!'”


Tuesday, July 28th


Winner: @garv7yar – “What’s your refund policy if I lost the receipt?”

2nd Place: @HorrorHoneys – “Don’t tell me you can’t see the family resemblance…”

3rd Place: @rlaurich – “#LoveWins”


Wednesday, July 29th


Winner: @HarrisonSmith85 – “I respect your dedication and attention to detail as an actor, but we’re gonna go with Heath Ledger.”

2nd Place: @FreddysFingers – “No, I’m telling you, the plastic surgery went over splendidly. You can’t even tell!”

3rd Place: @Elrickane – “The thing you need to know about Tracy Flick is…”


Thursday, July 30th


Winner: @Ancient_Equinox – “Realizing that the heart the Wizard had given him was merely a fake, the Tin Man questioned his duration in Oz.”

2nd Place: @exiledinNJ – “When Pep Boys just isn’t an option…”

3rd Place: @JFFewell – “Drop it Creep.”


Friday, July 31st


Winner: @RandiRonca – “I love this guy!”

2nd Place: @Alkeyhalikk – “Take a bite out of crime…”

3rd Place: @Fr33Sprt04 – “Fiber!”

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