Caption Contest Results: 11/10 – 11/14


FANGORIA fanatics! If you’re one of the thousands who follow us on Twitter, you’re likely familiar with our daily Caption Contests! Now, due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we’re highlighting the best entries of the week for the world to see! So without further ado…

Monday, November 10th


Winner: @clsherwood1961 – Help is now available for those not comfortable in their own skins: stretching, shrinking, patching, and replacements!”

1st Place: @MitigatedText – Looks like someone forgot to put the lotion on its skin. It’s the hose for you buddy.”

2nd Place: @Castlerockfan – Johnny, come give Gramma a kiss!”


Tuesday, November 11th


Winner: @AidanAHarper – And then the doctor will ask you to cough.”

1st Place: @ranchoichi – “No way I’m disco dancing!!!”

2nd Place: @GeppettoMoreash – You have to have faith for your opus to work on me Mr. Holland.”


Wednesday, November 12th


Winner: @ConTextualized – “9 out of 10 directors choose the skeletal arm extension to check for undead hair lice.”

1st Place: @thepoeticzombie – These aren’t the deadites we’re looking for .”

2nd Place: @NG_Middleton – “No, no, no. I like my hair parted on the right side.”


Thursday, November 13th


Winner: @garv7yar – Look, don’t worry about the audience not “getting” the quantum physics part! I don’t get it, either!”

1st Place: @1975jetsfan4 – “Okay.  Who the hell forgot to pay the electric bill?!?”  

2nd Place: @GatsbyHarper – SYNTAX?! BAH!”


Friday, November 14th


Winner: @_CrossFitDiva_ – Come here often?”

1st Place: @Adam_G_Howe – “We’ll always have Uranus.”

2nd Place: @SusieQ_Whit – “Make sure to leave room for almighty BLEEP-BORK you crazy kids!”


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