Caption Contest Results: 11/23 – 11/27


FANGORIA fanatics! If you’re one of the thousands who follow us on Twitter, you’re likely familiar with our daily Caption Contests! Now, due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we’re highlighting the best entries of the week for the world to see! So without further ado…


Monday, November 23rd


Winner: @JDiaZero- My GOD Fred! That’s disgusting! I mean, who wears stripes when it’s clearly flannel season!?”

2nd Place: @Floydthe3rd – Everyone was so amazed by the prosthetic, no one noticed the man being crushed by a book.”

3rd Place: @bp4Christ – “You gotta help me doc! I woke up this morning like this! My parents said I’d go blind if I did it! Not this!”


Tuesday, November 24th


Winner: @garv7yar – “No, it can’t be– I mean, she said she was on the pill!”

2nd Place: @sayhi2strangers – Remember don’t feed my hair after midnight.”

3rd Place: @matthewmcphee – “May I cut in?”


Wednesday, November 25th


Winner: @HarrisonSmith85 – “They just talk like I’m not here. I feel so… alienated.”

2nd Place: @MillisBrent – How come he gets his own chair?”

3rd Place: @Ancient_Equinox – “But dad, I love this alien! And nothing you say or do will stop that!”


Thursday, November 26th


Winner: @CreaturePod – “The things I do to get a car…”

2nd Place: @orman5150 – “Bib overalls, my son Jason likes Bib overalls and pitchforks and machetes and…”

3rd Place: @mr_jscott78 – “Are you sure you don’t need to cast my hands? I don’t want a hairy-knuckled guys hands being used as mine.”


Friday, November 27th


Winner: @benfrasham – “Who’s laughing now Disney World, WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?”

2nd Place: @1975jetsfan4 – “Early casting call for THE BIGGEST LOSER: GHOSTBUSTERS EDITION.”

3rd Place: @THE_TCR – I smell a Mall-practice suit.”


BONUS Caption Contest!


Winner: @TB_Confid – Shut up Jack, that moon landing was no joke.”

2nd Place: @chance3398 – “Why did they cast me? The director is scarier.”

3rd Place: @Castlerockfan – “HEEEEEERRRRREEE’S STANLEY!”
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