Career celebration planned for retiring director, Albert Pyun


The intensely prolific, energized and enthusiastic Albert Pyun has plans to retire in light of poor health. Now a campaign from friends and family is underway to celebrate his 50-film oeuvre and his latest, and final, picture ROAD TO HELL with one, all-out screening. 

From the release:

Plans are being made to celebrate the career of retiring filmmaker Albert Pyun, who has directed fifty films over a thirty year span.  The celebration will include a roast of Pyun and a screening of the prolific filmmaker’s fiftieth film, ROAD TO HELL, an homage to Walter Hill’s STREETS OF FIRE. Pyun, who suffers from multiple sclerosis,  had to cancel plans to tour with the film on the festival circuit due to worsening health.  A just launched IndieGoGo fundraising campaign will enable Pyun’s friends and fans from around the world to help him celebrate his career and final production at his dream theater, the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood.

“We want to have stars, crew and artists from Albert’s many films in attendance to collectively embrace his journey lasting more than forty years,” says Cynthia Curnan, Pyun’s partner.  “We want Albert to have the best gift we can provide and something he has wanted his whole career: a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. His first job in LA was on Sunset Blvd and he used to pass all the exciting and glamorous billboards. They symbolized to him the epitome of entertainment.  ROAD TO HELL is the only one of Albert’s films to receive so many awards and positive reviews. It is a fitting climax to his long career. We want this film to receive as much exposure as possible to highlight his legacy.”

A short sampling of Pyun’s long list of genre films includes The Sword and the Sorcerer, Radioactive Dreams, Alien from L.A., Cyborg, Captain America, Kickboxer 2: The Road Back, Bloodmatch, Dollman, Nemesis, Brain Smasher…A Love Story and Cool Air.  Road to Hell stars Michael Pare as Tom Cody, the role he created in Streets of Fire.  In the film, Cody encounters two thrill killers on a desert highway.  Much of the hyper-stylized film was shot against a green screen, and Pyun has finessed the footage for several years.

If you’d like to contribute to celebration, the Indiegogo fundraiser runs through mid October.  Curnan hopes bring the stars of Pyun’s films from across Europe to the screening, exact date TBA. For much more on Pyun, visit the Celebration’s official Facebook here.

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