Catch Fango’s Rebekah McKendry during Scream Factory’s “31 Days of Screams”!


Scream Factory, Shout! Factory’s fantastic label devoted to restoring beloved genre gems and oddities, has something special planned for the spooky season. Midst October’s 31 days of Halloween atmosphere, a Bloody Countdown to the best holiday will see a panel of horror aficionados talk all manner of fright cinema, a sweepstakes will select one lucky fan to win a year’s worth of Scream releases and daily deals will get you stoked on filling gaps in your collection. 

On that aforementioned panel talking slashers, scream queens, monsters and more is FANGORIA’s very own Rebekah McKendry. She’ll be joined by Shock Till You Drop’s Ryan Turek, PSYCHO LEGACY director and FEARNet’s Rob Galluzo, Horror’s Hallowed Grounds creator Sean Clark and Brian Collins of Badass Digest and Horror Movie A Day. Over at the official Scream! Factory YouTube channel, they’ll be taking part in “Tastemaker Interviews” and more.

For more on the Year of Fear contest, as well as the daily Price is Fright sale, head to Scream Factory’s official site. The first of Scream Factory’s 31 Days of Screams interviews can be found below.

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