• First look: “VAMPIRE CIRCUS” Blu-ray/DVD art & details

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    Fango just got sent the cover and the full specs of Synapse Films’ upcoming Blu-ray/DVD combo-pack edition of VAMPIRE CIRCUS. This is the company’s 100th release, and the first in a series of Hammer titles the company is giving their North American disc premieres.

    Directed by Robert Young and starring Adrienne Corri, John Moulder-Brown, Laurence Payne, Thorley Walters, Lynne Frederick and STAR WARS’ David Prowse, VAMPIRE CIRCUS is set in a 19th-century village visited by a traveling carnival whose performers are bloodsuckers. The discs arrive in December, presenting the movie in 1.66:1 widescreen—hi-def 1080p on the Blu-ray, anamorphic on the DVD—with DTS-HD MA 2.0 mono sound on the former and Dolby Digital 2.0 mono sound on the latter. The extras (produced by Daniel M. Griffith of Ballyhoo Motion Pictures) include:

    • “The Bloodiest Show on Earth: Making VAMPIRE CIRCUS”—all-new documentary featuring interviews with filmmaker Joe Dante, Hammer documentarian Ted Newsom, Video Watchdog editor/author Tim Lucas, author/film historian Philip Nutman and Prowse

    • “Gallery of Grotesqueries: A Brief History of Circus Horrors” retrospective featurette

    • “Visiting the House of Hammer: Britain’s Legendary Horror Magazine”—retrospective on the popular British publication featuring Nutman

    • “VAMPIRE CIRCUS: Interactive Comic Book”—featuring artwork by Brian Bolland

    • Poster and stills gallery

    • Original theatrical trailer

    Retail price is $29.95; TWINS OF EVIL, HANDS OF THE RIPPER and the TV series HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR will follow from Synapse in 2011.

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  • “CHAIN LETTER” teaser trailer #2

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 18:51:12 by Allan Dart

    Deon Taylor’s film stars THE TWILIGHT SAGA’s Nikki Reed, THE THING’s Keith David, HALLOWEEN’s Brad Dourif, SAW 3D’s Betsy Russell, BOOGEYMAN 2’s Matthew Cohen and ALL ABOUT EVIL’s Noah Segan.

    Shock Till You Drop posted the preview. New Films Cinema releases CHAIN LETTER on October 1. Click here to see the first teaser trailer for the film.

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  • Release info for “HISSS” and “IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE”

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    Bollywood takes on the horror genre this fall in two movies: the seriously intended creature feature HISSS and the comedic IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE (pictured left). Keep reading past the jump to find out when U.S. audiences will get to see ’em.

    Actually, Fango got the scoop that fans worldwide will be able to see HISSS starting October 15, when it’s currently set to open on the international Bollywood distribution network, including between 50-75 theaters in North America (a number that may expand). Directed by SURVEILLANCE’s Jennifer Lynch, HISSS stars Indian superstar Mallika Sherawat (pictured right) as the human incarnation of the Nagin, a serpentine fertility goddess who sets out for fanged vengeance when her mate is kidnapped by a greedy Am

    erican. Look for more HISSS on this site soon and in Fango #298, on sale in October, and see the film’s trailer below and official website here.

    In a more lighthearted vein, IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE, directed by BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM’s Gurinder Chadha, it’s about a mother who’s desperate to marry off her daughter and murders anyone who refuses the girl—only to be haunted by the deceased’s spirits. We got the word that the film opens October 8 at theaters in the New York City/New Jersey area, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Boston and Detroit. Its trailer can be viewed below and its official website found here.

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  • “DEVIL” (Film Review)

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    M. Night Shyamalan didn’t script or direct DEVIL—he was just one of the producers, and it’s based on his story—but since this is the film that may forever be remembered for turning “From the mind of M. Night…” into a viral punchline, it’s worth noting that DEVIL (billed as “The Night Chronicles 1” on screen, if no longer in the marketing materials) does mark something of a change in direction for the beleaguered auteur. Rather than build up to a heretofore concealed, big-surprise plot twist, this movie takes the different if ill-advised tack of explaining in advance what it’s all about.

    Before we even meet him, a Philadelphia office-tower security guard named Ramirez (Jacob Vargas) helpfully explains in voiceover just how the devil likes to take out the souls he’s targeted, and that his appearance on Earth is heralded by a suicide. Next thing you know, wham!—someone has leaped from that tower and landed on a van, clutching rosary beads. Detective Bowden (Chris Messina) is at first puzzled when the corpse-topped vehicle is found at rest beside a two-story building, but soon figures out where the jumper came from. Thus he’s on the scene when five strangers wind up stuck in an elevator somewhere around the building’s 20th floor, and we already know that one of them is actually Satan in disguise, there to claim the rest of them.

    Certainly, it’s plausible that any one of the quintet could call hell home, since they’re not an especially likable bunch: There’s wiseass salesman Vince (Geoffrey Arend), claustrophobic and thus hot-tempered security guard Ben (Bokeem Woodbine), Jane, a snappish older woman (Jenny O’Hara), surly mechanic Tony (Logan Marshall-Green) and a young woman named Sarah (Bojana Novakovic), who, since she actually doesn’t have any evident attitude problems, must of course be considered a prime suspect. None of them command much sympathy, and thus it’s hard to become terribly involved in the question of which one has the devil in ’em—but director John Erick Dowdle and screenwriter Brian Nelson could still have built up some fun/nasty hothouse melodrama had they really stuck with the trapped group. Instead, the film keeps cutting away to Messina, Ramirez and fellow security guard Lustig (Matt Craven) and their assorted efforts to free the captives and figure out what’s going on.

    Ramirez has a pretty good idea, of course, and keeps trying to explain the dark lord’s presence by doing things like dropping a piece of toast on the floor and saying, “When he is near, the toast lands jelly side down.” Soon the lights in the elevator car are going out, then coming back on to reveal that one of the five is now dead, Messina starts probing their backgrounds to uncover their dark secrets and thus determine which of those still living could be responsible for the killings—and it’s all just spinning wheels because we already know they’re dying for their sins on the way to the hot place, not as part of some terrestrial murder plot.

    Since the movie opens with Messina and his AA sponsor mouthing banal platitudes about faith and redemption, it’s not giving away too much to note that DEVIL’s eventual payoff is as much about Messina reconciling his own crisis of belief as it is concerned with paying off the mystery. The final reel in which all is revealed packs more dramatic punch than the rest of the film, though the conclusion may be a little softer than horror fans would like, even given the movie’s PG-13 rating. DEVIL is never really that scary at any point, but it has at least been professionally put together: Shyamalan regular Tak Fujimoto’s cinematography is expert, and the performances are all fine given the limitations of the characters (though it’s disheartening to see WONDERFALLS’ charming Caroline Dhavernas wasted in another too-small role as a co-worker Messina has taken a shine to). And if the story isn’t genuinely involving, it’s never dull either—DEVIL runs only 80 minutes, which does suggest that material which might have given the drama more depth now resides on the cutting-room floor.

    DEVIL would have been much-improved if the filmmakers had simply forgotten about everyone outside the elevator car and kept the focus solely on the imprisoned fivesome, keeping us on edge with them as they realize what’s happening on their own instead of spoon-feeding the audience all the answers. Perhaps Shyamalan et al. didn’t trust the audience to sit still for an entire feature that never leaves one cramped location, but if so, they—and everyone else—oughta see BURIED, which wrings gut-twisting suspense by staying entirely inside a single coffin. More on that one soon…

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  • Single White College Student: The trailer for “THE ROOMMATE”

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 17:43:23 by Samuel Zimmerman

    The trailer for the new psychological thriller, THE ROOMMATE has debuted online and with prints of DEVIL in theaters this weekend. Hit the jump to check out a psychotic Leighton Meester and what promises to be my favorite guilty pleasure of next year. 

    Yahoo! premiered the clip. The film stars GOSSIP GIRL’s Meester, Minka Kelly and the actor I currently hate the most, TWILIGHT’s Cam Gigandet and revolves around “a deranged college freshman (Leighton Meester) who becomes obsessed with her new roommate (Minka Kelly).”

    Also, apparently Billy Zane is in this too. I’m so excited. THE ROOMMATE hits February 4, 2011.

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  • Anchor Bay finds “A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE”

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 17:20:54 by Samuel Zimmerman

    More distribution news is coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival today and it involves the acquisition of the new AJ Bowen starring thriller, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE. Hit the jump for more!

    Deadline reports that Anchor Bay has nabbed the film for English-speaking territories and says “a theatrical component is part of the mix.” Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t mean a whole lot coming from Anchor Bay. Word on the film is strong nonetheless so hopefully it gets its due. Here’s the synopsis and trailer:

    “Sarah is starting life over. After her last relationship ended with a revelation that sent her boyfriend, Garrick, to a life sentence in prison, Sarah had no choice but to leave her past behind. Now that she’s been relocated to a small town and given a new identity, Sarah’s embracing the opportunity to start life fresh. Unfortunately for Sarah, the past won’t let go.

    Garrick escapes prison and discovers Sarah’s new location, then blazes a violent trail across the country to track her down and disrupt her seemingly perfect new life.

    Award-winning director Adam Wingard plays with narrative chronology, sound design and visual aesthetics to slowly unveil the details of Sarah and Garrick’s dark past. Meanwhile, Garrick grows ever closer in his search, leading to a violent confrontation in which the true motivation for his obsessive manhunt is finally revealed.”

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  • Guillermo del Toro talks video games, “HAUNTED MANSION” & “MADNESS”

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 16:42:36 by Allan Dart

    The James Brown of directors speaks up about some of the many, many, many projects he has in development. Check out the Hardest Working Man in Hollywood’s comments after the jump.

    For the full video interview, you can go to Collider, but here are some of the conversation’s highlights.


    * Video Games: del Toro has a video game deal that’s not yet announced. It will be three games to be made over 10 years with the goal of a new game every three years.

    * HAUNTED MANSION: The film will be PG-13 and it will be a “dark ride.” A storyline was turned in last week to Disney along with the first few key concept drawings. MIMIC’s Matthew Robbins is writing, and he’ll start in about a month. Del Toro hopes to know if Disney will move forward on it in January. At that time he’ll figure out if he or someone else will direct it.

    * AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS: STAR WARS’ Dennis Muren is designing the monsters, and he told del Toro: “You’ve never seen monsters like this.” Del Toro plans on talking to some H.P. Lovecraft scholars to get their input on the script. However, despite the involvement of James Cameron, the film isn’t greenlit yet, and del Toro realizes that the project has two big issues: It’s a hardcore R-rated movie, and it’s a horror tentpole with a big budget.

    Stay tuned for more del Toro news on this site shortly, including a schedule of his book tour in support of THE FALL, Volume II of his THE STRAIN trilogy.

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  • Wolves are on the prowl in two new Syfy flicks

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 15:50:44 by Allan Dart

    Sharktopus, Schmarktopus! You want some REAL badass monstrosities? Well, you’ll have a howling good time in October watching this pair of Saturday Original Movies.

    First up is MONSTERWOLF, premiering Saturday, October 9, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT). When an oil company defies a court injunction against drilling on tribal land, their blasting releases the Kachinawaya, a Native American animal spirit meant to protect Indian lands from invaders. MONSTERWOLF stars, appropriately, THE HOWLING’s Robert Picardo and KILLER MOVIE’s Jason London.

    And in RED: WEREWOLF HUNTER, debuting Saturday, October 30, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’s Felicia Day portrays a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood, who brings her fiancé home, where he learns the family business: hunting werewolves. He’s skeptical—at least until he’s bitten by a werewolf. When her family insists he must be killed, Red tries everything she can to save him. RED: WEREWOLF HUNTER also stars STAREGATE: ATLANTIS’ Kavan Smith and PONTYPOOL’s Stephen McHattie.

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  • “LET ME IN” quad poster

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 15:15:24 by Allan Dart

    Matt Reeves’ remake of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is coming out October 1, and yet another poster has appeared online.

    Empire got the exclusive on the quad. If the poster doesn’t do much for you, then click here to watch a pair of clips for the Overture release. For more on the film, you can read our review right here, and be sure to pick up Fango #297 (on sale this month) for our exclusive interview with Reeves.

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  • New “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2” poster

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 14:32:31 by Allan Dart

    Not much is known about the follow-up to Oren Peli’s surprise supernatural hit, but you can check out this new one-sheet after the jump.

    E! got the exclusive, which you can check out below. Directed by Kip Williams, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 hits theaters October 22. Click here to see the trailer for the film.



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  • Exclusive gory “NIGHT OF THE DEMONS” clip & screening reminder

    Originally posted on 2010-09-17 13:49:14 by FANGORIA Staff

    There are demons in da house, and FANGORIA has nabbed an exclusive clip from the upcoming Entertainment One remake of NIGHT OF THE DEMONS. Go below the jump to see what happens when bad boy Edward Furlong tries to clean up his act—and encounters a literal bloodbath!

    Now that we whet your appetite, let us remind you that FANGORIA will host a free screening of director Adam Gierasch’s NIGHT OF THE DEMONS redux at the Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street, off University Place) on Friday, October 15 at 11:30 p.m. Gierasch co-wrote the new film with longtime partner Jace Anderson, the two having previously collaborated on AUTOPSY, TOOLBOX MURDERS, MOTHER OF TEARS, MORTUARY and the upcoming FERTILE GROUND. You can see the gruesome trailer for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS below. The updated DEMONS, due out on DVD October 26 from Entertainment One, follows a bunch of young party animals who spend Halloween night in a haunted mansion, turning into demons and mutilating themselves and their friends. The film boasts a hot cast led by 13 GHOSTS’ Shannon Elizabeth as the new Angela (that infernal troublemaker), with stunners like LAID TO REST’s Bobbi Sue Luther, FREDDY VS. JASON’s Monica Keena, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING’s Diora Baird and THE HAZING’s Tiffany Shepis playing the wild girls who turn into wilder she-demons. TRAILER PARK OF TERROR’s Drac Studios provided the film’s eye-popping makeup FX and monsters. The original film’s Linnea Quigley has a cameo as well.

    The Fango NIGHT OF THE DEMONS screening will be a free show; to obtain tickets, send an email to fangoscreening@starloggroup.com. You must list “DEMONS” as your subject line. Offer is good for you and one guest. Plus tell us your full name and whether you want to be added to the FANGORIA newsletter list so we can inform you about future Fango screenings and events. Names will be checked at the door. Offer is first come, first served, and we will confirm your rsvp. Seating is not guaranteed, however. This advance preview is sponsored by Entertainment One.

    Gareth Jones of Dread Central called NIGHT OF THE DEMONS “a modern throwback to a simpler era of horror where boobs and blood were the main attraction,” while Steven West of The Horror Review said: “If you see only one movie this year featuring demonic anal sex…make it this one.” And Suspiriorum at Horrorview.com summed up NIGHT OF THE DEMONS as a “shamelessly trashy experience, but one which is solidly entertaining, and a rare remake which doesn’t shame the memory of its progenitor.”

    Check out FANGORIA #291 for exclusive NIGHT OF THE DEMONS photos and interviews. And watch this space for upcoming Fango screenings. See you at the show!


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  • Three “SHARKTOPUS” clips

    Originally posted on 2010-09-16 20:39:36 by Allan Dart

    In these clips for the Syfy movie premiering Saturday, September 25 at 9 p.m., you get the hybrid monstrosity attacking a bungee-jumping girl, a look at star Eric Roberts and a cameo by producer Roger Corman.

    Syfy posted these sneak peeks at SHARKTOPUS, which features Roberts as a research scientist who, along with his daughter (Sara Malakul Lane), develops a secret military weapon—a hybrid shark/octopus—that breaks free of its electrical controls and goes on a killing spree. What were they expecting? What would you expect from a movie called SHARKTOPUS?!

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