Celebrate 40 Years of “DEEP RED” With Claudio Simonetti and Rustblade Records


Dario Argento’s 1975 giallo masterpiece PROFONDO ROSSO (aka DEEP RED) turns 40 this year, and to honor its enduring legacy, Italy’s Rustblade Records is teaming up with composer Claudio Simonetti for an all-new sonic tribute.

Simonetti is, of course, famous as one of the founding fathers of seminal Italian soundtrack band Goblin and, in recent years, the keyboard wizard has branched off on his own with his Goblin offspring entity “Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin.” With this new soundtrack release, Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin has re-recorded the entire classic score with a darker, contemporary edge.


  1.   Profondo Rosso
  2.   Death Dies
  3.   Mad Puppet
  4.   Deep Shadows
  5.   School at Night (live)
  6.   Mad Puppet (live)
  7.   Profonfo Rosso (live)
  8.   Death Dies (Simonetti Horror Project Version)
  9.   Profondo rosso (Rock Version)

The album will be available in several forms including CD DigiPack, red vinyl, various limited edition box sets that include posters, pins, murder kits and even a replica of the infamous DEEP RED “mad puppet”. You can pre-order the release now by going to www.RustBlade.com.; the album will ship on Halloween 2015.

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