“CELL” mates: Cusack and Jackson reunite for King film


A film version of Stephen King’s novel CELL, once slated as an Eli Roth production, has been a long time coming—and now, word has come down that it has cast up and will be shooting soon.

CELLMOVIEJACKSONNEWSThe Genre Company (the outfit behind the MOTHER’S DAY and SILENT NIGHT remakes) and Benaroya Pictures have announced that Samuel L. Jackson has joined John Cusack (with whom he co-starred in the King chiller 1408, pictured above) in CELL. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2’s Tod “Kip” Williams will direct from a script by King himself and the new LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT’s Adam Alleca, with Richard Saperstein (whose credits also include SE7EN, THE MIST and 1408), Michael Benaroya, Brian Witten and Shara Kay producing. Cusack and Jackson will play Clay Riddell and former soldier Tom McCourt, who escape from Boston after a mysterious pulse emitting from cell phones turns the population into zombielike killers.

“It’s really exciting to have such a great cast continue to come together on this project,” Benaroya says. “Our goal is to create exciting commercial fare with top talent to really deliver on the concept of an ‘elevated genre’ film.” Production is set to begin in January.

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