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In the annals of horror and exploitation, few measure up to the storied Charles Band. His history in the genre spans four decades professionally, with a myriad classic and influential films bearing his name yes, but his entire family foundation is built on Le Cinema Fantastique. Father Albert produced many an Italian western and he directed the classic 1959 chiller I BURY THE LIVING, while brother Richard is a celebrated composer. Their roots in making and exhibiting genre entertainment run deep.

But it is with Band’s FULL MOON imprint that we have seen his most enduring reach, with modestly budgeted franchises like the PUPPET MASTER, DEMONIC TOYS, SUBSPECIES and TRANCERS enduring as cult favorites. The Band universe is one filled with sex, blood, sleaze, art and craft—entertainments low of brow but high of concept. Indeed, there are so many damned FULL MOON films out there, only the most dedicated collector would dare claim to have them all.

That’s why the announcement today of the new subscription based service FULL MOON STREAMING is of note. Band and his, er, band of brethren have uploaded the entire Full Moon Features library, including brand new world premieres and resurrected film treasures. For only $6.99 per month, subscribers can stream titles directly and instantly on all devices, allowing them to watch their favorite films anywhere, at anytime. A mobile-friendly version is optimized for iPhone, Android, iPad, and tablets that is nearly identical to the desktop version. Plans also include a distribution platform to release new films from young indie talent, something Band has long been known for.

From the jaws of the man himself:

“The fans speak, and we listen. I’ve been asked for a comprehensive Full Moon digital universe for eons, and now the technology has finally caught up to what I had envisioned. Fans will now have the ability to totally engage and immerse themselves into our gonzo universe, and witness the world’s most beloved film treasures in the comfort of their own homes.”

Gonzo, indeed.

Have a look at Full Moon Streaming.

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