Check out the neat IMAX-exclusive “PACIFIC RIM” print


Midnight movies are an experience. Whether it’s a repertory, one-time only deal, or a Thursday night before a major release hits, there’s a special energy that sets it apart. There’s also a special energy that sets IMAX apart (from say, 3D) and it seems the folks behind the enormous screen know that. Over the last year, they’ve introduced exclusive posters for midnight shows and the fans willing and exciting to come out and be the first to see highly anticipated films. Often, the prints are really good too! And that’s very much including this one for Guillermo del Toro’s Kaiju vs. Jaeger epic PACIFIC RIM.

Is there a movie I want to experience in IMAX  more than one that includes a giant robot swinging a cargo ship at a Kaiju? Absolutely not. Good news, at its first showings in IMAX 3D (the 10 p.m. shows on July 11 seem to be the case), that movie also comes with the above poster by artist Sergio Grisanti.

For more on PACIFIC RIM, see our exclusive chat with Guillermo del Toro in FANGORIA #325 (on sale now). If you’d like to make sure you get your hands on one of these, see a list of participating theaters right here.

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