First Teaser, Images: Chilean Neo-Giallo, “MALDITO AMOR”


Comedy director Gonzalo Badilla has decided to fulfill his passion for genre, crafting a highly anticipated horror film in Chile that seems to incorporate heavy giallo and slasher influence into pop art filmmaking. Get your first look at MALDITO AMOR (DAMNED LOVE) below.

In MALDITO AMOR, a group of high schoolers find their prom and possible lives ruined by a faceless maniac. Two days before the big event, a teacher is brutally murdered, putting a damper on Arturo’s (Sebastián Badilla) plans to seize the moment and the girl of his dreams, María Elena (Trinidad de la Noi). Unfortunately, she’s already entangled with a magician and that faceless killer has a mind to slash his way through them all.

“I’m a big fan of the genre, so I wanted to take my time to make my first one,” Badilla tells FANGORIA. “The movie is a horror movie with all their letters. I was very keen on writing the script and paying homage to Carpenter, Argento, Fulci, Craven, Cronenberg and Hitchcock. The style of filming was very classical, and the story itself screams ‘big, classic slasher.’ There’s a prom night, there’s several scream queens, the body count is big, the kills are big (there’s a clear homage to OPERA and BLOOD AND BLACK LACE).”

Also extending the old school feel is a score from Vercetti Technicolor, one of the best bands out of the current booming (and awesome) Giallo Disco scene.

For announcement fun, Badilla recreated one of the most iconic scenes of all time, but I can tell you I’ve seen footage from the film itself. It certainly looks like a good time, not dissimilar from the pop of Joseph Kahn’s DETENTION and seems to be aiming for if SCREAM was more heavily indebted to Italian horror.

Find the first teaser and images from MALDITO AMOR, below. For more on the film, keep an eye on Fango.

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