Chilling behind-the-scenes clip from “FROZEN” DVD/Blu-ray

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Shooting the survival thriller FROZEN on a mountainous location in the midst of a blizzard would be enough to leave anyone cold…but now you can get a taste of it in the warmth of your own home, thanks to a newly posted clip from the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray releases of Adam Green’s movie. See it after the jump.

This on-location excerpt is just a small part of the copious extras on the FROZEN discs, which street September 28 from Anchor Bay Entertainment; you can see the full details here. Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell and Kevin Zegers star in FROZEN as three friends who wind up accidentally stranded high up on a ski lift in the dead of winter. You can read the first part of a Green interview on his next film, HATCHET II, in Fango #297, on sale this month.

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