“CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY” creator talks sequel, Clive Barker projects, more “GINGER SNAPS”?


With the intertwined anthology feature A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY out in theaters and digital platforms, the filmmakers are already looking ahead to a follow-up, and a number of other horror projects.

Fango spoke to CHRISTMAS HORROR director/producer Steven Hoban of Copperheart Entertainment at this past summer’s Fantasia festival (see more of that interview here), where he revealed plans to have a genre heavy hitter involved in the second film. “There’s a Clive Barker story, ‘The Yattering and Jack,’ that we want to put in the sequel,” Hoban tells us. “There was no way to do our Santa story and ‘Yattering and Jack’ in the first one; that would have been two really big pieces. But we do want to put it in the next one, and make it the centerpiece of the movie.”

That’s not the only Copperheart/Barker project to look forward to, Hoban says. “We’ve got a big animated feature adaptation of a Clive story called ‘Zoombies’; our version is called NIGHT OF THE ZOOMBIES, and it’s basically MADAGASCAR meets THE WALKING DEAD. We’re very excited about that. We also have a TV series called INCARNATE that Clive is involved with. It was created by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, who were behind the American version of PRIMEVAL and writer/producers on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE; they’re great Canadian genre-TV writers. They came up with this show based on a book that Gar had written years earlier, which is basically a very cool supernatural procedural. Clive is an executive producer, and a creative consultant; he’s been working on the characters and the story with Judy and Gar, and he has become a kind of unofficial production designer. He’s such a terrific artist; he’s created what he calls his ‘morgue of imagery,’ and has been sending us this great artwork.”

Copperheart is also backing a feature version of the Stephen King/Joe Hill novella IN THE TALL GRASS, to be directed by Vincenzo Natali (see story here), “and we’re developing a film with [GAME OF THRONES’] George R.R. Martin as well. We go after properties we love, and writers we love.” One of the most beloved properties in the company’s stable is GINGER SNAPS, and Hoban divulges that they’re mulling over a return to the teen-werewolf franchise. “There have been various discussions,” he says. “We had been developing a TV series version with The CW a few years ago that unfortunately fell apart at the last minute. So we’re thinking it might be time for a new feature.”

That potential movie, he assures, would not be just a rehash of the modern-classic first SNAPS. “If we were to sit down with [original director] John Fawcett and talk about it, it would be impossible to do anything other than something original. Back when we did the second and third films, we managed to finance them without having scripts or directors, just based on the success of the first movie. We raised $12 million to make the sequel and the prequel without having anything in place. With the second one, the idea was to make a true sequel, because we wanted to know what happened to Brigitte; creatively, we were invested in figuring that out. But for the third, we could do anything we wanted, and one idea we had was, ‘Well, maybe Ginger and Brigitte go to hell.’ John was the one who was pushing that, like, ‘Let’s just do something completely insane.’ So if we go back and reboot the first one, we would, I’m quite sure, do something unexpected and new with it.”

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