Christopher Lloyd Headlines Stop-Motion Horror Web Series, “HOUSE OF MONSTERS”


As much as one can go through old videotapes, DVDs and Blu-rays to revisit tried-and-true fright favorites this Halloween season, any self-respecting horror fan will tell you they’re on the prowl for fun genre entertainment throughout October. Well, FANGORIA has made your search all the more easier, horror hounds, as those looking for family-friendly scares in the vein of MAD MONSTER PARTY can check out the new stop-motion horror web series HOUSE OF MONSTERS today!

Starring the voice talents of the one-and-only Christopher Lloyd, HOUSE ON MONSTERS provides macabre mischief with the undeniably hand-made charm that only stop motion can offer. The first two episodes follow a vampire who discovers a way to enjoy the sunshine as well as the burgeoning romance between Frankenstein’s Monster and a Zombie Girl. Created by The Monster Shop and Mansart Inc., HOUSE OF MONSTERS is the brainchild of Dawn Brown and Warren Manser, who hope to expand HOUSE OF MONSTERS into a web series and even potentially a feature film!

You can check out the first two episodes of HOUSE OF MONSTERS HERE and as a special promotion for FANGORIA fans, viewers can use the discount code FANGORIA15 for extra savings! You can also find out more information on HOUSE OF MONSTERS here, and you can follow HOUSE OF MONSTERS on Facebook and Twitter as well. Stay tuned here at FANGORIA.com for more news on HOUSE OF MONSTERS as it becomes available, and check out a gallery from HOUSE OF MONSTERS below!

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