UK’s Cigarette Burns Cinema to Host Rare Screening of “BLUE SUNSHINE”


Cigarette Burns Cinema is a UK outfit dedicated to programming thrilling and often rarely screened cult and horror gems on screens across London, and do so only on 16 and 35MM. One such upcoming event is the latest in what seems like an international, well-deserved revival and appreciation of the films of director Jeff Lieberman (SQUIRM, JUST BEFORE DAWN): a 35MM screening of BLUE SUNSHINE, the first of its kind in the UK in many years. 

This May 29 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Cigarette Burns will screen Lieberman’s LSD-based scare film, BLUE SUNSHINE with an introduction by Jon Towlson, author of SUBVERSIVE HORROR CINEMA: COUNTERCULTURAL MESSAGES OF FILMS FROM FRANKENSTEIN TO THE PRESENT.

Josh Saco, who runs Cigarette Burns tells Fango, “BLUE SUNSHINE was last screened at BFI Southbank in June ’94. So I’m obviously over the moon about being responsible for reintroducing this mental little gem to a whole new generation of genre fans. Even more so as Jeff Lieberman himself says it’s the best print he’s seen in decades. Either way, unearthing gems is what Cigarette Burns aims to do.” 

If you’ve never seen BLUE SUNSHINE, it’s a true gem, one that finds a group of kids transformed into balding, homicidal maniacs by the titular form of LSD.

For tickets to the 8:40 p.m. screening of BLUE SUNSHINE on May 29 at the ICA London, head right here. For more, see the event art above, and check out Cigarette Burns Cinema.

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