“COLLECTOR”, “SAW” Sequel Duo to ‘Recalibrate’ “HALLOWEEN” Franchise


If you’ve been an ardent horror fan for the past decade, you’re likely familiar with the names Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The screenwriting duo that brought the genre every SAW sequel since SAW 4 as well as THE COLLECTOR (and it’s sequel), the FEAST films and PIRANHA 3DD. And while the duo have found themselves attached to many projects since, there’s none as prolific as the title announced today, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Melton and Dunstan will be taking on writing duties for the next entry into the HALLOWEEN franchise.

While THR had exclusive details regarding the deal that you can read in their report, the one particular aspect of the project that caught FANGO’s eye is that the film is being considered a “recalibration” of the franchise as opposed to a sequel or another reboot. Of course, Dimension is likely looking to separate the film from the previous two Rob Zombie films, which left Michael Myers with literally no place to go from there. While this writer believes a quieter, creepier return to Haddonfield would be the best approach, you don’t hire Melton and Dunstan for quiet and creepy; you hire them because they know how to bring the pain. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Melton and Dunstan will give HALLOWEEN a scary new beginning, and we’ll keep an eye out for more news on the “recalibrated” HALLOWEEN.

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