Comics-spawned “DEAD@17: REBIRTH” hits the web; exclusive photos


Producer/director Jack Heller of BONE TOMAHAWK and others sent along some exclusive scene and set pics tied to the on-line release of DEAD@17: REBIRTH, the first in a Popboom web series adapting creator-owned independent comics. Check out the short and the images after the jump.

Heller, who previously helmed DARK WAS THE NIGHT and produced that film as well as TOMAHAWK, SOME KIND OF HATE, CONDEMNED, BAD MILO! and more, wrote and directed DEAD@17: REBIRTH, based on the comic by Josh Howard, and produced it with Greg Zuk, Daniel Alter and Alexander Koht. It stars CC Weske and Lucy Freyer, and features makeup FX by Brian Spears of WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, STAKE LAND, THE MIND’S EYE, etc. The comic series synopsis: “The ultimate battle between Good and Evil is about to be fought, and the outcome will depend on the choices of one teenage girl. In the small suburb of Darlington Hills, two friends, Nara Kilday and Hazy Foss, are about to be caught in the middle of a conflict that will change their lives forever. DEAD@17 is a series about friendship, love, loss, destiny and betrayal, and the choices one must make in the face of ultimate adversity.”

According to the PR, “The short features multiple sprawling fight scenes that Heller had been repeatedly told were not possible on the budget and timeframe. In Drew Leary and Corey Pierno, Heller found a stunt coordinator/fight choreography team up for the challenge. The short features many stunt players whose work includes major Hollywood productions—DAREDEVIL, PLANET OF THE APES, JASON BOURNE, THE AMERICANS—and who were all excited to try and pull off the extensive sequences Heller had in mind. Additionally, the team knew that a strong actress with a stunt and fighting background would be essentially to pulling this off—and they found that person in CC Weske, who throws every punch and is never doubled. As a point of pride, there is no doubling in the entire short.”

Howard and Heller have also collaborated on a new one-shot DEAD@17 comic that will debut this Wednesday, March 30 via digital platforms and in a limited-edition print run. An artist edition including a numbered poster by Howard will be available at www.popboom.com on the 30th as well.







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