Concept Trailer: John Skipp’s “THE LONG LAST CALL”

Esteemed author and Fango columnist John Skipp and filmmaker Andrew Kasch have a mind to bring the writer’s strip club-in-havoc tale THE LONG LAST CALL to the big screen. The two have crafted a proof-of-concept clip to capture the warped nature of it all, which you can find below.

In THE LONG LAST CALL, “it’s closing time at a backwoods strip club, somewhere in America. Business as usual, until an elegant stranger comes onto the scene: chumming the waters with a briefcase full of cash, and a dark agenda all his own. Because he is no mere human being. He is a walking repository for all of the anger and hate that men and women feel toward each other. And every scum-soaked dollar he hands out only serves to up the voltage on the war between the sexes. The have and have-nots. The lovers and the haters.”

Kasch and Skipp write, “Because Amazon’s horror book label 47North just re-released John Skipp’s acclaimed novel The Long Last Call in trade paperback, we thought we’d celebrate by unleashing the teaser trailer for the in-development feature film version of this epic titty-bar nightmare. Keep in mind, this is a ‘proof of concept’ sales trailer and has no actual footage from the feature, cuz that doesn’t exist yet. What we shot was 2 minutes of mayhem that capture the vibe of the book, and show how crazy this shit will play onscreen.”

If you’d like to know more, you can pick up THE LONG LAST CALL right here.

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