“CONDEMNED” director recalls pranking Tom Savini


First-time feature filmmaker Eli Morgan Gesner has the gruesome shocker CONDEMNED out now on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD from RLJ Entertainment, following a successful career in the art and fashion worlds. He’s always been a fan of scary stuff, though, and confessed to Fango about a bit of childhood mischief he made with one of its most famous FX creators.

Back in his youth, Gesner recalls, “I was bit of a juvenile delinquent. One time, I went to some horror convention and got Tom Savini’s card. I was very, very stoked, because he was, like, one of our heroes, my friends and I. We’d go out writing graffiti and get drunk—we were way too young—and once in a while we would end up at my friend’s house and prank-call Tom at 3 in the morning. We were trying to pretend we were Hollywood bigwigs, but he knew what was up. Don’t punch me in the face when you see me, Tom [laughs]! He probably will now.”

For a full interview with Gesner on CONDEMNED, click here.

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