“CONSTANTINE” to Return via DC/CW Series “ARROW”


It seems like you just can’t keep a good magical detective down, especially one who has been around the block as much as John Constantine. Despite NBC cancelling his eponymous show after a single season, it has been recently announced that he will be making an appearance in ARROW’s fourth season. Better yet, the role of Constantine will also be revived by the NBC series actor, Matt Ryan, who was beloved by fans in the part. While there are currently no plans to make him a regular staple of ARROW, fans can at least re-live all the chaotic magic in the fifth episode of the newest season titled “Haunted.”

Executive producer of ARROW Wendy Mericle states that John’s appearance is specifically tied to resurrecting Arrow’s recently killed character Sara Lance. Lance’s appearance has already been confirmed in the upcoming DC spin-off LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, which poses the question, “If she’s already dead, how is she coming back?” Of course, DC’s answer to all mysterious questions are: Mr. John Constantine.

While Mericle won’t go into many details she does tell IGN that Constantine’s appearance: “[It] was born more out of the storyline for Sara Lance. We needed someone to come in and help bring her back. He felt like the most exciting possibility and we’re just thrilled to get him. He brings such a different element to the show.”

She also goes on to confirm that it is the very same John from the show Constantine and his appearance does tie together the ARROW/CONSTANTINE universe. This news comes as a relief to fans of the detective in light of Guillermo del Toro leaving the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK movie project that also promised a lead role to John. Despite the project sitting on the WB backburner for a couple years, there was still high hopes for seeing mad magician grace the silver screen again, and with del Toro leaving, the production had been pushed back farther than ever. Likewise, it’s unknown if Constantine’s appearance in ARROW will lead to any recurring presence on LEGENDS, or if a positive response from ARROW fans may usher Constantine into a later revival of his own lamented series.

Luckily, if you’re the type of fan who demands his John Constantine fresh and in your face, DC/Vertigo is currently on its third issue of the new series CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER, where the trench-coated gentlemen has broken away from the superhero universe and is once again mixing it up with the denizens of Hell. A 15+ title, the work brings back the old lovable Constantine as he cons his way through magical mysteries and mysterious ladies.

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