Contest: Win a Copy of Jess Franco’s “THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN” from Kino Lorber!


If you’re a Jess Franco-phile, you are well aware of his varied phases, depending on the time a picture was shot, where it was shot, for whom it was shot and, of course, for how MUCH it was shot for. But out of the 200-plus films Franco made before his passing, the ones produced during his post-Harry Alan Towers period of the early 1970’s were among his most daring and bizarre.

One of the crown jewels of that era is without a doubt 1972’s French-funded, shot-in-Portugal mind-warper THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN, a sort-of sequel to Franco’s DRACULA PRISONER OF FRANKENSTEIN starring Dennis Price as the good doctor and Fernando Bilbao as his silver-skinned monster. Throw in a cackling, blind cannibal bird woman (Anne Libert), Howard Vernon as a mad wizard, some gorgeous gothic castles and plenty of psychedelic sex and kink and you have one of the master of meandering movies’ strangest and most colorful works.

If you don’t believe us, FANGORIA has a few copies of Kino Lorber’s recently released, gorgeously transferred Blu-ray editions of THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN (armed with a typically informed commentary by Tim Lucas) to give away.


To win, tell us which future Franco muse made her first appearance in a Franco film in the Spanish cut of this film…

Send your answer and mailing address to me at chris@fangoria.com. Winners will be chosen at random, and check out the wild trailer for the film below!

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