Corin Hardy confirms the “CROW” reboot is still flying


When director Corin Hardy turned up for a Halloween-night screening of his atmospheric chiller THE HALLOW at New York City’s Scary Movies festival sporting Crow makeup, it sent a clear message that, contrary to previous reports, he’s still attached to the long-aborning reboot of THE CROW. Fango spoke to him that night and got a few exclusive comments on the project.

Hardy’s new film version of James O’Barr’s comic has been stymied by the bankruptcy troubles of producing outfit Relativity Films, but Hardy tells us it will still move forward once that situation has been sorted out. “It’s waiting to get restarted,” he says, “and I’m waiting to restart it, and continue the work we were doing. We were deep into it until this past summer, when the whole Relativity issue occurred. I look forward to making it.”

Producer Edward R. Pressman, who also backed the 1994 CROW starring Brandon Lee, has previously stated his intentions to take the new film elsewhere if a recovering Relativity or its successor doesn’t want to take it on. Hardy confirms, “Ed’s very passionate about it, and wants to make it and wants me to make it, so we’ll see what happens next.” The director, who is doing a fresh adaptation of O’Barr’s story (as he discussed here) rather than taking cues from the previous Brandon Lee-starring feature, notes that the creator himself has been another valued collaborator. “I showed O’Barr at the start what I wanted to do, with visuals and music, and we spent about a week just hanging out, and we became good friends,” Hardy recalls. “It was a very special time, because obviously I was meeting him as a fan, but I also wanted him to be on board with what I intend to do. So I wanted it to go right, and we got on very well.”

THE HALLOW opens in theaters and on VOD this Friday; see our review here and Hardy’s comments on the movie here. And look for more on the new CROW at this site tomorrow!

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