“CORN” fields a cast

Originally posted on 2010-09-16 15:59:55 by Allan Dart

In another move to legally retain the rights to a popular horror franchise, Dimension is pushing forward with a CHILDREN OF THE CORN sequel. Yesterday, it was announced that HOSTEL’s Barbara Nedeljakova was on board the rushed-into-production project, and today more casting news has hit the web.

Moviehole says that THE HILLS HAVE EYES’ Billy Drago, Kelen Coleman and Tim Rock will be in writer/director Joel Soisson’s CHILDREN OF THE CORN: THE DWELLER. Soisson produced 2001’s CHILDREN OF THE CORN: REVELATION and last directed PULSE 3 for Dimension. In THE DWELLER, Coleman and Rock play a couple who fall under the thrall of Drago and Nedejakova’s characters—and their “Corn” kid. Production is now underway in Louisiana.

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