In one week’s time, FANGORIA will unveil its new website, featuring bigger images, more video options, an easier-to-read layout, and a new eye-popping header by artist Jay Shaw (known for his amazing Mondo posters).

The new site will launch Monday, March 11, and premiering as part of the new site will be:

-The new column ‘Nightmare Royale (On Making Horror Better)’ by splatterpunk pioneer John Skipp;

-Kier-La Janisse’s new column ‘School of Shock’ featuring interviews and essays on disturbing educational films and other childhood traumas;

-The premiere of ‘The Psychotronic Tourist’, an ongoing travel column where we visit film locations and give travelers everything they need to know to jump on the figurative Fango tourbus – including snapshots, maps, location history and more;

-A soundplayer where we can showcase artists/labels and offer exclusive mixtapes;

-A new, improved Gore Store

This Beta website will be an ongoing project with constant improvements as readers give us feedback.

Fangoria’s 2000-2012 web archives will still be accessible via a link to the old site, with the new site covering everything from 2013 onwards.

Special thanks to Rob Feldman at www.earwormmedia.com for putting in the hours to make this much-needed update happen!

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