Countdown to Texas Frightmare: “SONS OF ANARCHY” Actor Kim Coates


The FANGO-sponsored TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND is almost upon us! Located at the elegant Hyatt Regency hotel in Dallas, the convention runs May 1st to 3rd (in its 10th year!) and is– as usual– bringing in a cavalcade of amazing guests, many of who have never even done a fan show before. As the time tightens to showtime, FANGO will be profiling some of these amazing guests. This round, we give the amazing Kim Coates a nod…

Though he’s best known now (and perhaps, in the long run, always) as the psychotic biker thug Tig in TV’s SONS OF ANARCHY, veteran Canadian actor (now a US citizen) Kim Coates has wildly esoteric career on screen and stage and of course, has appeared in more than his fair share of horror films.

Coates’s early TV appearance in the syndicated Canadian series POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY (in which he was nominated for Gemini Award, the Canadian equivalent to an Emmy) was chased a few years later by  featured roles in the spotty sequel THE AMITYVILLE CURSE and the Christopher Plummer vampire vehicle RED BLOODED AMERICAN GIRL, both staples of early 1990’s cable TV. Further on the bloodsucker tip, Coates showed up in John Landis’ woefully undervalued Mafioso vampire flick INNOCENT BLOOD and continued to work throughout the decade, appearing most prominently in the bloated Kevin Costner debacle WATERWORLD where he started a friendship with Costner that endures to this day. And WATERWORLD, though a notorious flop theatrically and a production plagued with problems, became rather popular on home video and TV, and did much to propel Coates’ career.

Coates has literally never stopped working in roles both minor and major and would go on to appear in such quality Canadian horror films as SKINWALKERS, SILENT HILL and RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE and it was with the latter film that this writer had his first encounter with the actor.

It was on the Toronto set of AFTERLIFE that I first met Coates. We had the usual impersonal junket interview and I liked his humor and, more importantly, was most impressed of how easily he could slip into character after the word “action” was screeched; he was a total pro. Months later I was on a plane coming home from LA when, lo and behold, who should I see sitting beside me but Kim Coates. He didn’t remember me from the set visit – nor should he have – but we got to talking and talking and talking. The man had me laughing and shared some of the wildest tales of his career (I especially grooved on the insane WATERWORLD tales and stories about working with Dennis Hopper) and eventually, we got so rowdy that the stewardess had to tell us to shut up… twice!

Kim Coates is a great performer, a newly minted cult icon and one of the nicest SOB’s you’ll ever want to meet. And meet him you can at this year’s TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND.

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