Cover and details: “THE HEALING MONSTERS” unites horror/metal authors for a good cause


Despumation Press has released the cover artwork for THE HEALING MONSTERS, a benefit anthology horror volume collecting stories from cutting-edge authors and heavy metal underground luminaries. You can see the art and the full writer lineup after the jump.

THE HEALING MONSTERS will be published next month, and the proceeds from its sales will by divided between the trust for the son of late Metal Maniacs editor Katherine Ludwig and ailing horror author Dustin LaValley (pictured above). Edited by author/FANGORIA contributor Shawn Macomber and Despumation Press editor in chief Kriscinda Lee Everitt, the book assembles tales and poems by JR Hayes (Pig Destroyer), Jessica Pimentel (Orange is the New Black/Alekhine’s Gun), James Newman (THE WICKED, UGLY AS SIN), Mike IX Williams (EYEHATEGOD), Stephanie Wytovich (HYSTERIA: A COLLECTION OF MADNESS), Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope/THE ARMAGEDDON CHORD), Ryan McKenney (Trap Them), Adam Cesare (VIDEO NIGHT, TRIBESMEN), Karyn Crisis, Billups Allen (Corn on Macabre/THE LEAGUE), K. Allen Wood (SHOCK TOTEM), Andrew Bonazelli (DISPOSED OF, DTV) Matthew Widener (Cretin/The Liberteer), Tim Deal (SHROUD), John Edward Lawson (THE TROUBLESOME AMPUTEE, TRUTH IN RUINS), Brian Serven (Backstabbers, Inc) and others.

HEALINGMONSTERSNEWS“From basically the moment Kriscinda gave THE HEALING MONSTERS the green light, my Decibel colleague Sean Fraiser floated around the very top of both our must-have lists of contributing authors,” Macomber says. “But it wasn’t until I happened to glimpse some of his sketches while we were working together on another project that I realized he was actually a triple threat—kvlt metal journalist, berserker storyteller and fine artist! I knew I could trust him to tap into the vivifying, triumphant side of metal and horror without getting bogged down in the sort of trite, predictable nihilism I had abso-f**king-lutely no time for on this project. And to his credit, he created a transcendent image that exceeded our expectations.”

“Sean did a wonderful job finding a fitting balance between dark and light with this cover,” Everitt adds. “Dark, because it is a collection of horror- and metal-related stories—not to mention that dealing with, and paying for, medical issues isn’t exactly all sunshine. But there is the sun and the blue sky, because we did want there to be, ultimately, a sense of optimism. And although we lost Katherine during the production of this volume, we wanted to keep that optimism not only for Dustin, but also for Katherine’s family and loved ones.”

Says Fraiser, whose feature-length horror screenplay THE POST IRONIC HIPSTER MASSACRE is now in preproduction, “After weeks of discussing the illustration, Kriscinda decided we needed to name the prominently placed grim gentleman. She endowed him with the first name Cornelius, and I hooked him up with the surname Darski—in honor of Behemoth frontman Nergal’s fight against leukemia. Looking at the list of insanely talented collaborators that have stepped forward for a great cause, I’m beyond thrilled that Cornelius and his therapeutic serpents will be representing this anthology and its message of strength and support.”

For more on THE HEALING MONSTERS and other Despumation Press titles, head over to the publisher’s official website.

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