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In HOLLISTON (now in its second season Tuesday nights on FEARnet), aspiring filmmakers Adam and Joe, played by series creator/writer Adam Green (of HATCHET fame) and his fellow executive producer Joe Lynch (director of WRONG TURN 2), break Kane Hodder (the FRIDAY THE 13TH go-to Jason plays a version of himself) out of a hospital and move him into Adam’s apartment so that he’ll star in the duo’s horror short. Heads spin EXORCIST-style, Danielle Harris shows up as herself, Bailee Madison of ONCE UPON A TIME appears in an ORPHAN send-up and Adam gets advice from a hideous closet monster called Oderous Urungus (Dave Brockie). Just your typical sitcom – if sitcoms were designed by and for horror fans.

Two episodes of HOLLISTON’s second season are screened at a premiere event that features the show’s makers and stars. These include Laura Ortiz, Corri English, Dee Snider as Adam and Joe’s cable-station boss, Snider’s son Cody Blue Snider who appears in an episode and Ray Wise, who guest-starred on HOLLISTON last year and stars as the Devil on REAPER, which is now running in repeats on FEARnet.

The event takes place at Cinefamily, a small venue that used to be a silent movie theatre on Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood, California. On the red carpet, Green and Lynch are obviously delighted at the love HOLLISTON continues to generate.

Surveying the enthusiastic crowd, Lynch says of the event, “This is one for our family, because a lot of people who work on the show are here tonight, so this is the one that we get to show everybody – this is the mess we’ve made.”

The whole series has worked out the way Green has hoped, the filmmaker/actor says. “That and beyond. I’ve never been prouder or happier with anything, ever. The best thing was getting all the feedback we got from Season One, because now it just sort of validated and proved what we wanted to do. We got to make the show that we always wanted to make, and the support that we’ve had from the fans throughout the whole making of this, the connection we’ve had with Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff, it’s so exciting. I can’t believe it’s already here.”

As to what Twisted Sister’s Snider is doing playing a metal-rock-loving cable-station honcho on a cable sitcom, Green explains, “He’s one of my closest friends. He was my idol growing up, and every time I was about to give up on something, I would end up running into him and he would inspire me to keep going, and I would inspire him to keep going, and now our families are super-tight. He actually officiated at my wedding when I married my wife three years ago, his son [Cody Blue Snider] became my assistant and now he’s a filmmaker, he just signed with William Morris Agency off an amazing short film that he made, so it’s a really weird thing.”

Lynch quips that his wife Brianna, who is on his arm, will be answering all his questions this evening. Asked if Season Two of HOLLISTON has turned out the way she expected, Brianna Lynch laughs and says, “Yes.”


Lynch then jumps in to clarify, “Yeah, because she got to have a husband who lost twenty-five pounds coming home, and she was like, ‘Wow, not bad, not bad at all.’ So thanks, HOLLISTON diet.” The diet, Lynch adds, is partly due to not having enough time to eat during production. “That and working out incessantly and lots of roasted seaweed. It was delightful, loved it, it was great. But actually, what was great about that was, it helped us be confident. And this season shows more [of the actors’ physiques] than last season – the confidence level is all the way there.”

Having the running time of a conventional network sitcom this year is a good thing, Lynch opines. “The fact that it’s twenty-two minutes now, instead of it being thirty-six or forty-four – now that they’re a very tight twenty-two-minute episodes, it’s faster, it’s harder, it’s sharper, it’s funnier.”

No decision has been made on whether there will be a third season of HOLLISTON. “Normally,” Green points out, “you don’t hear for a while after the season ends, so we’ll see.”

As to Green’s other franchise, the HATCHET series, with HATCHET 3 now out, which Green executive-produced (he wrote and directed the first two films), he says, “This story was definitely a trilogy in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t still be more Victor Crowley movies. I don’t know what that movie is right now, I’ve only been focused on these three, but we’ll see what happens and what the fans want. You can never kill evil, so …”

Lynch announces that he’s embarking on a new feature film project. “I’m shooting my new feature EVERLY, with Salma Hayek, this July – absolutely not about the Everly Brothers. It’s a very extreme action film set in one room, starring Salma Hayek. That’s really all you need to know. Take the last ten minutes of THE PROFESSIONAL, stretch it out over ninety minutes – that’s EVERLY.”

People new to HOLLISTON may want to prepare for Season Two, Lynch notes. “There are going to be ten [episodes] this season, not including the Christmas special that aired in December, but the Christmas special is actually like Issue Zero of this new season. You have to watch the Christmas episode to kind of get what’s going to happen in Season Two.”

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