Creature feature “PRETERNATURAL” kicks off; first art


Writer/director Tim T. Cunningham and Goat Man’s Hill, creators of SICK BOY, are preparing their new horror feature PRETERNATURAL, and are about to launch a crowd-funding campaign for it. Read on for details and a peek at some creature designs.

Although PRETERNATURAL is billed as “an unreliable documentary,” Cunningham cautions, “It’s not a found-footage film. Nothing against them, but this will be something more in the ballpark of TROLL HUNTER, but without any of the comedic trappings. It’s going to be a straight-up horror film.”

The movie will open in the style of a true-crime documentary looking into the disappearance of an accused killer, but as the investigation continues, it becomes unclear whether the victim is actually dead, and monsters enter the picture. Cunningham and his brother Sean (no relation to the FRIDAY THE 13TH creator), who will serve as PRETERNATURAL’s cinematographer and visual FX supervisor, both have heavy experience in digital illusions, with credits including THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, THE WOLFMAN, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and some of the X-MEN and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies, and will bring that experience to bear on the new movie, whose creatures are being designed by Chris Grun, of CABIN IN THE WOODS, R.I.P.D. and others, and Taso Gionis. “It’s not like we’re going to be marketing this as a true story or anything,” Sean notes. “But if we can make the documentary sections feel absolutely authentic, it should really add an extra layer of threat to the horror elements.”

The Cunninghams will launch an Indiegogo campaign to help finance PRETERNATURAL on August 26. “We’re actively developing five features right now,” Tim says, “and of the five, PRETERNATURAL is the most difficult to pitch to traditional financing outlets. It really needs to feel low-budget to actually work. Well-done low-budget, but low-budget. Except for the VFX, but that’s where our sweat equity comes into play.” The Indiegogo page can be previewed here, and you can learn more about PRETERNATURAL at its Facebook page.



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