Creepy Cartoon “DR. SHROUD” goes Indiegogo for Live Action Series


FANGORIA’s main webhead Robert Feldman quietly keeps Fango’s technical needs met, battling internet gremlins and ensuring that the machine runs with minimal mess. But outside of his role as morbid mechanic, Feldman is also the father of anti-hero DR. SHROUD, the online cult animated series and comic book character that has long been bubbling as a concept for a feature film.

As part of Feldman’s quest to drag his lanky protagonist into the “reel” world, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign to create a live action web series that aims to flesh out the gothic, bizarre tale of Shroud, the ghoulish vampiric MD who must rescue his kidnapped daughter from an even more monstrous gang of bloodsuckers. The show aims to be an amalgam of SALEM’S LOT and the 1960’s BATMAN TV show and judging from the creepy/cool trailer, his team has more than succeeded.

From Robert Feldman:

“You can imagine the amount of work it takes to get a project like this off the ground.  We need wardrobe, makeup, special effects, props, gadget makers, location and car rentals (a hearse!), a cinematographer, an editor and post production people.  We have a great crew of dedicated people, but there are some necessary expenses that are more service oriented and can cost some money to make this production outstanding. Each dollar will go to the production of DR SHROUD and we want to ensure that you get what you pay for! When creating this budget, I aimed to be as conservative and resourceful as possible using local talent, local stores and used equipment wherever possible.”

To see the wild trailer and check out Feldman’s campaign, have a look here.

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