by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-02 16:13:01

The Criterion Collection, in their mission to lend proper
treatment to significant cinema has always embraced genre landmarks and
oddities; having released an incredible ROSEMARY’S BABY Blu-ray and the
splendid WHEN HORROR CAME TO SHOCHIKU in recent months, alone. Their
clue-ridden, 2013 teaser image has gone out and it would seem even more
fantastic titles are on the way.

Their newsletter, which often houses drawings such as these,
meant to titillate and tease what’s on the upcoming slate, hit yesterday and
while some titles are mere educated guesses (can we be entirely sure the
gentleman with activity around his brain is SCANNERS, or that the building
itself references THE TENANT), others feel like no-brainers.

As you’ll see below, the third window down (second from the
right) houses a Devil with his, well, backbone highlighted. A Criterion slate
of Guillermo del Toro’s more intimate films (CRONOS is already available) is a
hell of a prospect, especially seeing as how his Spanish Civil War-era ghost
story remains unavailable on U.S. Blu-ray. Meanwhile, scaling the left side of the building is a man
with a Pink Pearl eraser-head. All signs point to the first(!) film of David
Lynch’s to be included in the collection; surely, momentous and hopefully
continuous (here’s hoping for FIRE WALK WITH ME).

Does anything else in the sketch get you jazzed? You can find
much more at Criterion.


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