“CROSS BEARER”: Exclusive pics/NSFW trailer, DVD info


Extreme violence is meted out against the wicked in CROSS BEARER, an indie shocker now available on DVD. Read on for the details and a few exclusive pics plus a new, NSFW trailer.

CROSS BEARER, which we first told you about here, was written and directed by Adam Ahlbrandt and features Isaac Williams as a religious maniac who has made it his mission to “purify” sinners. He finds a perfect crop of victims in a stripper (Natalie Jean, who also produced with Ahlbrandt and makeup FX creator Doug Sakmann) and her friends. The DVD, available for $15 + $2 shipping/handling at the movie’s official website, includes the following special features:

• Audio commentary by Ahlbrandt, Jean and Williams
• TWO WEEKS IN HELL: THE MAKING OF “CROSS BEARER,” a two-and-a-half-hour documentary
• Theatrical trailers for CROSS BEARER and Ahlbrandt’s THE CEMETERY

You can also find out more about CROSS BEARER at its
Facebook page.

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