Czech true-cannibalism box-office hit “GHOUL” coming to America; poster & trailer


A fact-based story of flesheating hits the screen in GHOUL, a Czech-made shocker that has been a major success in its home country and takes a bite out of the U.S. this month. Read on for the info, poster and trailer.

Directed by Petr Jákl, who began his film career as an actor in the likes of xXx, AVP: ALIEN VS. PREDATOR and BATHORY: COUNTESS OF BLOOD, from a script he wrote with Petr Bok, GHOUL will open theatrically in New York and Los Angeles March 20 from Vega Baby Releasing. The movie blends fact and fiction as it follows a group of American documentary filmmakers in Ukraine, where they run afoul of the ghost of Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo. Also the subject of the Stephen Rea-starring HBO movie CITIZEN X and the inspiration for the Malcolm McDowell-starrer EVILENKO and the upcoming CHILD 44 starring Tom Hardy, Joel Kinnaman and Noomi Rapace, Chikatilo murdered and cannibalized more than 50 young victims in the late ’70s and ’80s before he was captured; he was executed in 1994.


According to the official synopsis, “The movie follows the documentary filmmakers as they investigate how cannibalism swept through Ukraine during the notorious famine of 1932. After being lead deep into the vast Ukrainian forest for an interview with one of the last known survivors of the cannibalism epidemic, they are plagued with a series of unexplainable supernatural encounters and come face-to-face with the evil spirit of Chikatilo, who was born in the Soviet Union and was the most violent serial killer and cannibal of all time.”

“I have been working in Hollywood 43 years and I have seen every kind of horror show that you can witness and survive,” says xXx director Rob Cohen, who was one of GHOUL’s executive producers (along with WRONG TURN 2 and EVERLY director Joe Lynch). “The way Petr did it, it delves into the dark night of the soul. [The film makes] you feel like there’s like this miasma of evil that these young people are trapped in; that the evil is a force that is way beyond Chikatilo or way beyond the villains. It’s…what makes it so scary.”

GHOUL set a box-office record for a horror-film opening in the Czech Republic when it premiered there February 26, outdoing the likes of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE MARKED ONES, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, MANIAC and THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE. The film’s Facebook page can be found here.

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