Daniel Radcliffe talks his Igor in upcoming “FRANKENSTEIN”

In a recent live Q&A with SiriusXM, HARRY POTTER and THE WOMAN IN BLACK star Daniel Radcliffe was asked about his upcoming turn in the Max Landis-scripted FRANKENSTEIN. A further reconstructing of the mythos, it’s been said this new FRANKENSTEIN would present the classic tale through the eyes of Igor, the famed hunchbacked servant who officially joined the Frankenstein lineage in 1939’s SON OF FRANKENSTEIN. Radcliffe confirms as such and offers a whole lot more on the picture, which he describes as a “romp.”

To-be-directed by Paul McGuigan, the new FRANKENSTEIN will apparently find Radcliffe’s Igor as something of a conscience to James McAvoy’s Victor Frankenstein. “You’ll finally see him granted a life,” says the actor. “It’s about these two young guys at the forefront of science, because it was a time when science was no longer just observational. It wasn’t just about ‘we see nature and we can record it.’ It was creative in the sense that we think we can shape nature and change it and we want to be the masters of it. And really, it’s about two guys who teeter on that line constantly and one of them, Igor, has to sort of pull Victor back and give him a dose of morality and be sort of his conscience, is the idea. The peril in the film is whether or not he’ll be successful, or whether Victor will just go mad.”

So no longer the browbeaten servant, it seems? Or will he be eventually transformed into the malformed Igor we know. Is this a case of the Studios’ prequelitis and intent on exploiting every possible backstory, or is this a new avenue into a classic tale? Find Radcliffe’s full comments above. FRANKENSTEIN is expected in theaters October 17, 2014.

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