Dario Argento’s “THE SANDMAN” and more at Fantasia’s Off-Frontières


The first round of feature projects being presented at the Frontières International Co-Production Market at Montreal’s Fantasia festival was revealed recently, and now another dozen movies for its Off-Frontières lineup, including titles from major genre names as well as promising newcomers, have been announced.

These movies-in-development will be presented to potential backers during the Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous, which is designed to hook filmmakers up with producers, sales agents and distributors from all over the world, and takes place July 24-27 at the festival:

• A WORLD WAR II FAIRYTALE: THE MAKING OF MICHAEL MANN’S THE KEEP (UK/U.S./France): Directed by Stewart Buck, produced by Stewart Buck of Buck Green Films, Alex Kuciw of Django Media and Stéphane Piter

• BLACK HORIZON (Irelande): Written and directed by George Kane (DISCOVERDALE), produced by Julianne Forde and Ruth Treacy of Tailored Films (STITCHES)

• CE QU’ELLE A DANS LE VENTRE (Quebec): Written and directed by Martin Thibodeau, produced by Marie-Dominique Michaud of Lusio Films (LE TORENT), starring Isabelle Blais and Julien Poulin

• HEARTBREAKERS (Quebec): Written and directed by Pat Kiely (WHO IS KK DOWNEY?), produced by Robert Vroom of Vroom Productions (THREE NIGHT STAND)

• HOUSE OF STAIRS (Quebec): Directed by Jacob Tierney (GOOD NEIGHBORS), written by Doug Taylor (SPLICE) based on the book by William Sleator, produced by Michael Solomon of Bandwidth Pictures (EDDIE THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL), Phyllis Laig of Buffalo Gal Pictures (SILENT NIGHT) and Scott Hyman of Zest Productions (500 DAYS OF SUMMER)

• LAST BLOOD (Germany/U.S./UK): Directed by Simon Hunter (MUTANT CHRONICLES), written by Bobby Crosby, Ed Lynden-Bell and Nick Sterling based on the graphic novel by Bobby and Chris Crosby, produced by Christian Arnold-Beutel of Favorit Film (BANSHEE CHAPTER) and Isen Robins and Aimee Schoof of Intrisic Value Films (BLUE CAPRICE), starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman

• MARK OF KANE (Canada): Written by Justin McConnell and Serena Whitney based on the novel by Douglas Borton, produced by Avi Federgreen (DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D) of Federgreen Entertainment and Justin McConnell and Serena Whitney of Unstable Grounds (see previous story here)

• MULTIPLIER (Mexico/Quebec): Written and directed by Rodrigo Hernández, produced by Mayra Espinoza Castro and Jorge Michel Grau of Velarium Arts (WE ARE WHAT WE ARE) and Anne-Marie Gélinas of EMA Films (MARS ET AVRIL)

• THE PASSENGER (Quebec): Directed by Olivier Sabino, written by Olivier Sabino and Francis Lussier, produced by Marie-Louise Gariépy of Film Oddity

• THE SANDMAN (Germany/Canada): Directed by Dario Argento, written by David Tully (DJINN), produced by Jeff Rogers of KCUS Productions (SUCK) and Daniella Tully of Shivertownroad Films (CONTAGION)

• THE SATURN PARTICLE RAMPAGE (U.S./Canada/Australia): Written and directed by Kerry Prior (THE REVENANT), produced by Dean Bertram of Lovecraft 21c Productions, Liam Finn of Filmmakers Alliance Productions (MIDNIGHT MOVIE), Kerry Prior of Wanko Toys, Sevé Schelenz of Sleep Apnea Productions (SKEW) and Steve Christopher Wallace of SCWFilms

• TO BE CONTINUED… (Canada): Written and directed by Rob Grant (MON AMI), produced by Luke Black and Peter Harvey of Peter Harvey Films (PICTURE DAY)

Fantasia runs July 17-August 5; find out more at the fest’s official website.

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