“DEADGIRL” FX artist has “STRANGE NATURE” in store—help make it happen!


Special makeup FX artist (most notably on DEADGIRL) and short filmmaker Jim Ojala is now tackling his first feature-length project, a fact-based environmental shocker called STRANGE NATURE. Read on for details on the movie and the Kickstarter campaign launched this week to help finance it.

STRANGE NATURE is based on the widely reported phenomenon of strange frog mutations that have been turning up over the past several years in several states and other countries, and the fear that the syndrome might spread to humans. The lead characters are single mother Kim and her 11-year-old son Brody, who move to a small Minnesota town where the deformed amphibians have started appearing in a local pond. Before long, other animals are afflicted, followed by babies—and mutilated human bodies start turning up as well.

“I believe this is a very timely and important film,” Ojala says, “involving an environmental issue that has been swept under the carpet for far too long. Though fantastic, STRANGE NATURE does point out the horrifying possibilities of letting something like this go by the wayside. Recently, I’ve been in close contact with some of the leading U.S. ecological scientists involved in the deformed-frog cases. They truly feel let down by the government as well as the media for not taking this matter more seriously. Therefore, they are in full support of the STRANGE NATURE project to the extent that they have actually provided us with real live severely deformed frog specimens to use in the film.”


Plenty of work has already been done on STRANGE NATURE, including the creation of numerous FX props and a teaser scene (you can watch them both below). Now Ojala and co. are seeking production funds via Kickstarter; go here to learn more about the film and the perks. You can also check out STRANGE NATURE’s official website and Facebook page.

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