Deadly “PSYCHO-THERAPY” in new horror short


Usually, it’s the crazy patients you have to worry about in horror movies, but in PSYCHO-THERAPY, the doctor is insane. Read on for more about the new horror short, including a few behind-the-scenes pics.

PSYCHO-THERAPY was written and directed by Joshua Nelson (pictured right), who scripted and starred in a number of New York/New Jersey-lensed horror features including PINK EYE, SKINNED ALIVE (a.k.a. EAT YOUR HEART OUT) and AUNT ROSE. This new project, he tells Fango, “is about a middle-aged psychotherapist who is abused by her husband and ignored by her patients. She is pushed to a very dark place where she feels that people who can’t change, or don’t want to change, have only one option—to be killed. She lures the challenged couples to an upstate getaway where she can finally fix them…her way.” The cast includes Rose Fiore, Karla Post, Alfred Cantilina, Michael Johnson, Ernest Romeo, Kerry Wittig and Michelle Michaels; Kevin Harrington served as the cinematographer and editor. PSYCHO-THERAPY is currently making the festival rounds, and will screen March 23 at the Jersey Gore Film Festival. Check out the trailer (with NSFW language) below the photos.



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Originally posted 2013-02-27

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