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Few can argue that true grindhouse film exhibition is a fading art. While most theaters are pumping out the newest blockbuster schlock, others, like the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA, are still retaining their old 35MM ways. Their monthly series of old and loved horror movies, aptly titled “Grindhouse Theater”, has been bringing fans from up and down the Pacific Northwest.

Run by Grand Cinema employee Justin Giallo (pictured), Grindhouse Theater has been an eight years-in the-making dream. Through blood, sweat and tears, what was once a single showing of THE EVIL DEAD has turned into an exploitation extravaganza, with movies ranging from CANNNIBAL FEROX to PHANTASM. Recently, Grindhouse had a special X-Mas showing of the original SILENT
NIGHT, DEADLY  NIGHT, accompanied by a special horror bazaar for those
hard-to-shop for relatives. But it’s not all gore and screams; Grindhouse peppers each night with a slew of extra goodies like t-shirt and magazine give-a-ways. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch a live Skype with an actor from one of the movies on the big screen before the flick. If you ever find yourself in the Seattle area, be sure to take a quick trip south and check out this local haunt.

Next showing: Dario Argento’s PROFONDO ROSSO/DEEP RED, Jan. 25-26
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