“DELIVER US FROM EVIL” Mini-Doc Highlights Real Ralph Sarchie

Scott Derrickson’s upcoming summer chiller DELIVER US FROM EVIL is based on the memoirs and exploits of real-life NYPD officer/demonologist Ralph Sarchie. In anticipation of the film’s release, a mini-doc was produced highlighting the history and day-to-day life as a multi-hyphenate New Yorker known for exorcism work. 

While the structure of SARCHIE is a little ID Discovery, Sarchie himself is a captivating individual. It’s possible his familiar physicality and demeanor (I’m a Bronx native) lends to that sentiment, but when so much of the genre finds itself “out there” in the woods and the burbs and the more isolated corners of the world, to see Sarchie’s process and discussion of purported supernatural happenings on the streets of the city is fascinating.

Urban landscape horrors feel few and far between, especially in relation to the metaphysical and paranormal. It’s possible the living rooms of houses so close together and within apartments feel more plain than the “plainness” of suburbia and more rural homes. But the city is a conglomerate of personality and belief systems and whether your faith in any of these happenings is there or not, many have it. A (very sweet) high school friend’s family were practitioners of Santeria, and it was but one small reminder of the vast array of things happening in the countless apartments across New York.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL is out July 2. Hopefully, there’s more testimony from the true Sarchie to come.

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