Reboots are a fact of life these days, and not just with films but with video games as well. Recently, DEVIL MAY CRY was rebooted into a more modern experience with DMC: Devil May Cry. But this shouldn’t (and doesn’t) diminish the original series or the love for it that culminated in DEVIL MAY CRY 4: SPECIAL EDITION. In fact, it rather brings us to the definitive edition recently released by Capcom for digital download.

The story centers on Nero, who is searching for Dante following the murder of his mentor. This story makes up the first half of the game, but as Nero goes deeper and deeper into his mission, he begins to question what he knows and believes. Part way through, however, the game switches and you take over Dante. Since the game originally hit in 2008, there’s no need to rehash the plot; rather, what we are looking at is what the definitive version brings to the table.

The basic game is untouched with nothing added to it, and while this writer would have liked some new story elements, it is what it is. There is a tutorial, which is pure gold since there are a lot of complex moves that are not only available, but necessary for your survival. In fact, modern games have gotten so complex that the simple control setup really helps everything flow better.


As for the new extras with this special edition, they are a mixed bag. In one of the additional campaigns, you can play as Trish and Lady, marking the first time Lady has been a playable character, which is cool for Lady fans. On the other hand, there’s another bonus campaign has you play straight through as Vergil, Dante’s twin brother.

But therein lies problem with the special edition: there is a lot of repetition. Sure, the game is good but this edition is strictly for the hardcore DEVIL MAY CRY fan. But on the upside, the game looks fantastic! It truly takes advantage of the PS4’s power to deliver a beautiful looking game and in my opinion, DEVIL MAY CRY is all about the aesthetics while also providing fun gameplay.

So, bottom line, DEVIL MAY CRY 4: SPECIAL EDITION is worth owning for the multiple options for fans, but does suffer from repetition. So there may not be enough for everybody but it is true to the spirit of the series and a great jumping in point for those who have never played before.


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