Dick Maas “PREY”s on Amsterdam again with killer lion movie!


Artis, Amsterdam’s celebrated zoo, is commemorating its 175th anniversary this year, but Dutch horror-veteran Dick Maas (THE LIFT, AMSTERDAMNED, SINT) seems bent on ruining the party. Watch out for the hungry lion on a rampage in his forthcoming film PREY!

When the police discover the bodies of a slaughtered family living on a farm just outside of Amsterdam, they are clueless as to what happened. Lizzy, an attractive veterinarian working in the Amsterdam Zoo, has a suspicion; there must be a lion on the loose. The Dutch authorities, the press and the public react in disbelief. Knowing Dick Maas, it won’t be too long before new, very bloody clues surface. And judging by the wounds of the mutilated victims, the lion must be big, strong and vicious!

Holland’s most notorious horror director Dick Maas recently finished writing the script for PREY and is now busy financing his killer lion movie. “It won’t be easy,” according to Maas. “Financing a film of two million euro seems almost impossible these days. I’m not sure what the Dutch Filmfund will do, so no idea if they will support the film.” No cast members are known yet. Maas is planning to shoot his new movie in March 2014, “since the film needs a feeling of summertime.”

It’s not the first time Maas has been trying to feed someone to the lions. He already did in this funny little short he made for Dutch television as far back as 1977.

According to the full synopsis on his website [www.dickmaas.com] PREY is going to be a lot bigger and more bloody, and will even see the deployment of a Dutch army squad and a British lion hunter.

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