Director comments and logline for FANGORIA Kickstarter film revealed


We held out as long as we could, but now with our Kickstarter campaign going live next week, and owing to the many thousands of requests for a specific storyline for THE FACILITY (our FANGORIA Original Kickstarter production, which we last told you about here), we are caving in. If the A-Team were instead a small group of your every day garden variety National Guardsmen, activated during Hurricane Sandy to guard and protect an isolated government building—and they met Dr. Moreau(!)—you would have some sort of idea of what this movie is about.

That’s all we can say for now, but one person who can do a little more talking is THE FACILITY’s writer/director David Gebroe, who weighed in on the project. “I’ve been a FANGORIA fan since I was a little kid,” says the Fango Chainsaw Award-winning filmmaker. “I even own the super-rare issue #9, in mint condition! Fango was so incredibly supportive of me during my experience with ZOMBIE HONEYMOON…so, frankly, the opportunity to write and direct the first FANGORIA Original might have been enough incentive for me. However, during initial talks with the producer, I quickly realized the potential of marrying a good horror story with a legitimate conspiracy thriller, and the project immediately started to become appealing to me on a much more fundamental level.”

So this is it! Finally! Your chance to become a living part of our first FANGORIA Original! Look for the live FACILITY page on Kickstarter at the beginning of next week!! And if you need help, we’ll have a link on this very website to steer you in the fright direction.

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