Director reveals the naked truth about “FRACTURED”


When FRACTURED (formerly SCHISM) debuts this Friday, April 11, it’ll offer up a heaping helping of gruesome horror, as well as a healthy dollop of nudity from both main cast and bit players. While speaking with director Adam Gierasch, Fango got the skinny on that side of the film.

FRACTURED, scripted by Gierasch and Jace Anderson, opens in select theaters, digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon and Xbox and cable and satellite VOD including Comcast and others from Dark Arts, Seven Arts Entertainment’s new genre label. Callum Blue stars as Dylan, a chef suffering from amnesia who begins experiencing hallucinations that lead him to discover shocking truths about his dark past. These visions include a room full of naked woman writhing on a bloodsoaked floor, and Blue, along with leading ladies Ashlynn Yennie (from the HUMAN CENTIPEDE films) and GIRLS AGAINST BOYS’ Nicole LaLiberte bare it all as well.


“When we did scenes like that,” Gierasch tells us, “I made a lot of jokes, just to try to lighten the mood. There was one scene where that didn’t work, because Callum had to run down a hallway naked, and he had eaten too much pizza and was worried he was gonna look fat [laughs]. I was like, ‘Callum, you don’t look fat. Just run! Trust me, it’ll look good!’ But that was the only scene that got a little tense. For the rest, everybody was so game and fearless, I can’t even tell you. Callum, Nicole and Ashlynn all gave it everything they had, and they were such giving and amazing actors. I’ve never had an experience like that in my life, and our collaboration was hopefully as satisfying for them as it was for me.”

Asking your leads to strip down is one thing, but what about securing that group of gals for the nude-and-grue’d tableau? “Well, you go down to New Orleans, you talk to a casting director and say, ‘I need naked people to roll around in blood,’ ” Gierasch says. “And they find you people, and you interview them. I made sure they knew what we were going to do, and told them, ‘Look, this doesn’t pay that much, but it should be a lot of fun.’ And based upon those interviews, we put ’em in the movie. It was easy to get them there, to get them booked, but on the day, it was very, very cold. It was freezing on that set.”


Indeed, while Gierasch is proud of the final product, he admits that the shoot was grueling for him as well. “I loved working with the actors, but the hours…! We would start filming at 10 at night and wrap up at 10 in the morning, and sometimes I got hardcore sleep deprivation. There were certain scenes where I honestly felt like I had lost my mind and forgotten how to shoot it. I mean, I came home and was in this kind of post-traumatic stress situation for a couple of weeks.”

Check out FRACTURED’s trailer below and visit its Facebook page, and look for a feature interview with Gierasch and Anderson in Fango #332, on sale this month.

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