Director Robin Hardy launches crowdfunding campaign for “THE WRATH OF THE GODS,” third in the “WICKER MAN” trilogy


A cult favorite that the late Christopher Lee cited as a favorite among his many films, THE WICKER MAN was followed up by director Robin Hardy with the 2012 release THE WICKER TREE. Now he’s revisiting that world with THE WRATH OF THE GODS, and is seeking fan support.

Hardy has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund THE WRATH OF THE GODS, which has already cast some of its key roles. The synopsis: “The Whimsey Company of Burbank, California decide to create a theme park featuring the Norse Saga, a story of warring Gods and Giants and sly, scheming Elves. A group of intrepid Californians journey into their sub-arctic world completely unprepared to deal with the descendants of the warrior Vikings, a people who believe in the supernatural. Whimsey CEO Herb Boden [James Mapes] and his son Ziggy [Christopher Leveaux] are led into this doomed enterprise by the lovely Bryn [Halla Williams], herself a Scandinavian who sings like an angel. Her father, Oscar, chief of police, tries to keep the peace between the Whimsey crowd and the resentful Vikings. He is diverted by the arrival of the beautiful Clarissa, who shares his passion for Steam Punk and is a kindred spirit.

WRATHOFGODSCROWDNEWSMusic, some of it Richard Wagner’s, some of it bluegrass, folk, pop—even barbershop—help move this tale of Gods frustrated and humans finding love in unlikely places. The film ends with a scene as horrific, in its way, as the burning of The Wicker Man.”

Hardy has issued the following message: “To those who enjoyed the original THE WICKER MAN film (made in 1973), I hope that the news of a third film in the same genre will be very welcome. Over the years I have attended many hundreds of screenings of the film where the audience and I have tried to dissect why we think the mixture of ironic humor, gentle sex, mystery and plot-driving songs, leading to a tumult of horror, works.

“In THE WRATH OF THE GODS, all these elements are present but there will be two additional features: Firstly, the locations we have chosen will help us show off the awesome power of the Gods to express anger through great thunder and lightning storms, vast tree-cracking winds, volcanoes and tsunamis of steaming waves. Then there will be an abundance of steampunk, the shared hobby of our two stars, everything from steampunk motorbikes and organs to a steam-powered helicopter.

“Apart from the two star roles, the film is already substantially cast, its locations in such far-flung places as Burbank, California, Shetland, Scotland and the highlands of Iceland. It awaits only the amazing objects and artifacts that your contributions will help us create this summer. By the end of the summer, we plan to start preproduction on what will be a winter film.

“We hope that the wide variety of gifts we have planned for our supporters will make following our team an exciting exercise. The weekly reports we will send to our contributors on every aspect of the production will be just part of what is on offer: Books, T-shirts, posters you would expect and the DVDs and Blu-rays of the first two films in the trilogy are part of the total, the WICKER MAN world we invite you to enter with us as we make THE WRATH OF THE GODS—and on that journey there are many more interesting items on offer.”

You can see one of the WRATH promotional videos below, hit the link above for more information on the project and the perks and check out the movie’s official website and Facebook page.

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