Distrib news, new poster, exclusive comments: “DEVIL’S MILE”


Are you ready to go the DEVIL’S MILE? The Canadian crime/horror hybrid has been signed for U.S. distribution, and its creators have unveiled the key art; we’ve got exclusive words with the director as well.

Phase 4 Films snapped up the North American rights to DEVIL’S MILE, the feature directorial debut of Joseph O’Brien, whose screenwriting credits include ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES and the original script for the New Zealand gorefest FRESH MEAT. “I’d been working as a writer in film and comics for a while,” O’Brien tells Fango, “and I was itching for the chance to direct a film, but the opportunities weren’t there. I realized I had to start making my own opportunities, which is where my business and producing partner, Mark Opausky, came along. Mark’s an entrepeneur with a passion for genre film, and he believed in the script and my vision for the movie, and he went out and raised the budget through private investment.”

DEVIL’S MILE—which features a score by Fango’s own Chris Alexander—centers on a criminal trio who abduct two teenage girls but take an ill-advised detour while delivering them to their mysterious boss. After one of the girls is accidentally killed, the group comes under attack by supernatural forces and must fight together to survive. Heading the cast are David Hayter, screenwriter of X-MEN, X2 and WATCHMEN and director of the upcoming WOLVES (who began his movie career playing the title role in GUYVER 2: DARK HERO), Maria Del Mar, Frank Moore and Casey Hudecki. In charge of the makeup and monster FX was Allan Cooke, whose credits include RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, SILENT HILL, JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER and SHADOW: DEAD RIOT; O’Brien handled the film’s visual FX himself.

“I’ve been a special effects freak my whole life, going back to KING KONG and Ray Harryhausen and of course STAR WARS,” he tells us. “It wasn’t until I was an adult that I became a VFX hobbyist, just creating shots and sequences for the love of it, until I got to a point where I was confident putting them out there in a real production. I was so inspired by what Gareth Edwards pulled off in his film MONSTERS, and I realized it was actually possible to apply my self-taught effects skillset to my own film to give it a scope that you wouldn’t normally see in a film in this budget range.”

The poster seen below was illustrated by award-winning artist Justin Erickson, whose artwork for this year’s GODZILLA was cited as #2 on Entertainment Weekly’s top 10 posters of last year. “I was so thrilled to have Justin on board—I’ve been a fan of his art for ages—and I knew he’d do a great job,” O’Brien says. “But when I saw what he had come up with, I was blown away. He captured the atmosphere and starkness of the film in a way that was very striking, original and—and I mean this in the best possible terms—not at all what I had expected. It was fresh and surprising and I can’t wait to show it to people…and have it up on my office wall!” Stay tuned for more about DEVIL’S MILE and its release.


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