Dolph Lundgren to break robots and zombies in “BATTLE OF THE DAMNED” this February


In the interest of fairness, I must admit my undying adoration for any and everything Dolph Lundgren. So with that out of the way, is there anyone else shaking with excitement for BATTLE OF THE DAMNED, the next Lundgren vehicle that pits the supersized Swede against robots and zombies?!

That’s right, let it sink in. In the film, which Anchor Bay has announced for a February 28th DVD debut, a deadly virus outbreak sends former Commando Max Gatling (Lundgren, of course) into a quarantined city to retrieve the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, only to find himself fighting rogue survivalists, killer robots and the flesh-hungry undead. Co-starring THE MATRIX’s Matt Doran and CHOPPER’s David Field, it appears to have a little something for fans of action, horror and sci-fi, with plenty of bloodshed and explosions to go around.

Written and directed by Christopher Hatton, BATTLE OF THE DAMNED is described as “a battle between outlaw and outbreak”, and thusly, I can’t wait. There’s always this endearing sense of old-school charisma and passion in Lundgren’s movies, no matter how shabby the production values. The fact that he’s still throwing massive roundhouse kicks and delivering cheerworthy one-liners is enough to get my cash; adding in zombies and murderous androids is just more bang for my buck. Probably best of all, there’s no sign of Danny Trejo whatsoever, which at this point, is an indication of quality on any direct-to-video horror vehicle.

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