Drafthouse Films wields Abel Ferrara’s “MS. 45” for rerelease


One of the early ’80s’ best screen shockers is coming back to theaters and home video—with a vengeance.

Drafthouse Films has announced that it has grabbed the North American rights to MS. 45, Abel Ferrara’s 1981 follow-up to DRILLER KILLER. The film stars Zoe Tamerlis (a.k.a. Lund) as a mute young seamstress in New York City’s garment district who is raped twice in one day, leading her to pick up the eponymous weapon and commence a vengeful rampage against Manhattan’s sleazy males. Previously issued on DVD in an edited version, MS. 45 will now be available for theatrical/festival bookings beginning in December ahead of its uncut U.S. DVD and Blu-ray debut next year. Two tracks from Joe Delia’s original soundtrack (soon to be issued for the first time ever by the UK’s Death Waltz Records) can be downloaded for free here.

“One of the primary missions with Drafthouse Films is to build a selection of films which destroy the barriers between ‘art-house’ and ‘grindhouse,’ ” says Drafthouse Creative Director Evan Husney, “and Abel Ferrara’s work embodies just that. MS. 45 is one of those fringe ’80s films that has been somewhat marginalized as pure exploitation, so we are beyond thrilled to reintroduce it to a new audience of cinephiles.” For theatrical bookings, contact Sumyi Khong Antonson, VP of Marketing and Distribution, at sumyi.antonson@drafthouse.com; for festival bookings, contact Jon Stobezki, Festival Director, at jon.stobezki@drafthouse.com.

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