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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and I’m looking forward to all that is going on for “Fangoria’s Dreadtime Stories” in 2013. I have some exciting news to share: Our goal for 2013 is to turn this audio series into a live action weekly television series. To that end, Tom DeFeo and I, producer Kim Dawson and writer Max Allan Collins, are working with a top production partner about the venture.

Our hope is to produce 13 hour-long live-action episodes each year, featuring Hollywood celebrities in each story. I will keep you posted on the progress. Because we are concentrating on turning this audio series into a television series, we will not be producing one new audio episode each month. We will still be producing audio episodes, but less than 12 per year. How many per year is unknown at this time, but keep checking back to our site for new episodes which will be posted as they are produced.

January’s audio episode is “House of Blood” and stars musician, performance artist and actor, Nivek Ogre, founding member of the industrial band “Skinny Puppy.” It also stars actor/producer Joe Moe. “House of Blood” is written by the prolific Max Allan Collins, creator of “Road to Perdition” who brought us past Dreadtime Stories: “Reincarnal,” “Wolf,” “A Good Head on His Shoulders,” and “Mercy.”

“House of Blood” is not for the squeamish. It comes to you streamed for FREE or purchase it via download, commercial free with extended scenes, for only $1.99. “House of Blood” is hosted (as always) by Malcolm McDowell. Here’s the plot …

A gruesome murder of an entire family by a homicidal father, years ago, has turned a lovely old home into the local “House of Blood.” A young couple who picked the song up for a song, terrorized by horrific sights and sounds, is advised by their real estate agent to send in a crack team of ghost-hunters. The paranormal investigators in the House of Blood have their own darks secrets, however, and when a seance unleashes the homicidal spirit within the house, blood again soaks the walls.

The cast includes: Malcolm McDowell (Host), Nivek Ogre (Bill Harrison & Regal Bludworth), Joe Moe (Dr. Simon Quest), Corey Doyle (Lisa Bloom), Carl Amari (Roger Bloom), Gary Tiedeman (Rod Ferrell), Meg Thalken (Francine Wunder), Elizabeth Ledo (Nikki Quest) and Jim McCance (Announcer).

Don’t forget that “House of Blood” is yours to stream FREE the entire month of January 2013. If you’d like to own the commercial-free version (with extended scenes) please digitally-download it for only $1.99.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this audio series – here’s the scoop:

is a new-time radio drama series produced in the flavor of classic radio from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s but using today’s state-of-the-art digital technology. Episodes are available by logging on to the Fangoria website at www.fangoria.com

Each episode will ‘thrill you and chill you’ but I warn you: These radio dramas are not for the feint of heart. We recommend that persons under the age of 14 not tune in! Although these episodes are meant to amuse and exercise your imagination – they can be quite scary, shocking, and include adult language and adult situations. FANGORIA’S DREADTIME STORIES are hosted by acclaimed actor, Malcolm McDowell. They are written by top writers of today and include full casts (often featuring Hollywood celebrities), movie-quality sound effects and original music scores by Fangoria’s Editor-in-Chief, and accomplished composer, Chris Alexander.

We launched this series October, 2011 and all of our past shows are available for digital-download to any listening device for only $1.99 each. The digital-downloads are commercial free with extended scenes (the director’s cut). And don’t forget that the radio drama scripts of current and past episodes are available for you to print PDF copies for FREE. These are the same scripts used by Malcolm McDowell and the actors. It’s fun to print your copy and read along while listening.

This series is also available on Sirius/XM and on CD in special collector editions from AudioGo at: http://www.audiogo.com/

Make sure to tune in to this month’s episode — “House of Blood” and collect them all, commercial free with extended scenes, via digital-download for only $1.99 each or on CD through AudioGo. Thanks for your support and please be sure to tell a friend about FANGORIA’S DREADTIME STORIES!

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