Drink up exclusive photos and comments on pagan horror film “THE WINEDANCERS”


The beautiful south of France plays host to some unpleasant doings in THE WINEDANCERS, which recently wrapped on location under writer/director Gary Meyer. He and lead actor Kim Sønderholm (pictured above) shared some words on the movie, along with exclusive pics.

Produced by Godam Film, THE WINEDANCERS is set at a secluded wine-making chateau in the French Alps. “I play John, a very emotionally bottled-up guy who doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, much less admit his own shortcomings to himself or anyone else,” Sønderholm, also a filmmaker with credits including the HORROR VAULT anthology series, tells Fango. “John is married to Samantha, played by Lucinda Rhodes [from DEAD CERT and the upcoming SERIAL KALLER], and they’re having great difficulty getting pregnant. Although the wish to become parents is definitely more Sam’s than John’s, they visit a fertility clinic, and after a great argument breaks out during the consultation, the doctor advises them to first work on their marriage—and what better place to do that than ‘a secret place, where nobody knows who you are’—the wine chateau. Needless to say, it isn’t long before peculiar incidents start taking place: odd pagan rituals, people slowly going off the deep and end one by one and, most importantly, bloody murder—very bloody murder, in fact!”

Meyer, who also created the sculpture seen at the bottom of this page, describes THE WINEDANCERS as “a mixture of horror, comedy and theater—a rollercoaster of emotions. For some reason, I came up with a transvestite cowboy line dancer as the main character, wearing stiletto heels and tapping to the beat of ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe.’ To this day, I’m not entirely sure where that idea came from. My inspirations included Robin Hardy’s THE WICKER MAN, Tony Scott’s THE HUNGER and life in Provence, with its deep-rooted French way of living, resisting change from the outside world as much as it can—the wine, the vineyards and the pagan-like festivals held in the small surrounding villages during the summer. It is so beautiful here that one can only get inspired—but in THE WINEDANCERS, just below the surface of this beauty lies greed, corruption and innocent victims lured here by its magic—it’s a magnet for that.”

The international cast also includes Mexican actors Mariana Peñalva (1st photo below) and J.C. Montes-Roldan, Polish actress Kasia Koleczek, Brits Edmund Digby-Jones, Kyle Calderwood and Marina De Salis, French actors Miglen Mirtchev, Antoine Martin and Andrea Catozzi (“an acrobat able to do the craziest things with his body,” according to Sønderholm), Jonathan Christopher Duncan as “Gimp” (3rd photo with a real wild boar, and 4th photo with Sønderholm) and FASHION ONE CORRESPONDENTS model Callie Roberts playing the fertility clinic’s Dr. Thomas. “The film is very clever and witty, with many moments of dark humor as the madness unfolds,” Sønderholm says, “but it is also a very dark, bizarre and haunting story that I’m sure fans of horror will absolutely adore. In fact, several nights I went to sleep after a day of shooting and the scenarios continued in my dreams, sometimes waking me up in the middle of the night; that has never happened to me before.

“It’s quite uncommon for the cast to be allowed to watch a movie’s rushes; normally, we have to wait until everything is completed,” he adds. “But in this case, I managed to sneak a peek at some of them, and even though it was still just raw footage, it looked amazing. I’m really looking forward to seing the movie in its entirety, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before a trailer or teaser is released.” In the meantime, learn more about the movie’s creators and cast at the official website.






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